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6.8M Downloads Updated Mar 3, 2021 Created Sep 17, 2008

Tracks Raid/Instance/World Boss lockouts for all your characters, daily/weekly quests, currencies, trade cooldowns, and more!

9.7M Downloads Updated Jan 17, 2021 Created Mar 25, 2008

Scan for rare mobs so you can find them and their loot

6M Downloads Updated Feb 8, 2021 Created Oct 22, 2014

It shows Item Level of raiders in party / raid. Show Item Level and raid...

18.4M Downloads Updated Dec 7, 2020 Created Nov 21, 2014

Assists you with selecting best team for Legion's Class Hall and WoD's Garrison/Shipyard missions and...

564K Downloads Updated Feb 19, 2021 Created Jan 10, 2011

Collect statistics of played arena matches and battlegrounds.

15M Downloads Updated Oct 26, 2020 Created Mar 25, 2008

Instance map browser

3.7M Downloads Updated Jan 10, 2021 Created Nov 18, 2014

Can automatically schedule all your missions, complete them, report orders and much more

1.4M Downloads Updated Jan 13, 2021 Created Apr 30, 2011

Stores information about a character's friends, calendar, notes, etc..

155K Downloads Updated Mar 2, 2021 Created Mar 22, 2020

Convenient hiding panel for addon buttons from DataBroker and Minimap

2.7M Downloads Updated Nov 17, 2020 Created May 26, 2008

Toss those bugs inna sack.

1.6M Downloads Updated Jul 26, 2018 Created Dec 2, 2007

Minimap Button Frame

1.1M Downloads Updated Jan 21, 2021 Created Sep 7, 2018

Tracks your kills, loot and status of the All BfA Warfronts

158K Downloads Updated Dec 12, 2020 Created May 6, 2020

Collect all the mounts!

349K Downloads Updated Mar 16, 2019 Created Aug 7, 2016

Allows you to store and learn entire sets of talents

1.7M Downloads Updated Oct 21, 2020 Created Jun 25, 2006

EBB adds groups of bars to your screen showing you which (de)buffs currently affect your...

191K Downloads Updated Nov 22, 2020 Created Sep 13, 2016

Tracks on your current coordinates and shows in on the screen and world map.

1.2M Downloads Updated Feb 14, 2021 Created Sep 29, 2014

Extend the follower list with some informations to find them...

481K Downloads Updated Nov 22, 2020 Created Apr 22, 2007

A basic tool to track your monetary incomings and outgoings within WoW.

2.8M Downloads Updated Oct 20, 2020 Created Apr 18, 2009

Displays a list of mounts, companions, titles, toys and followers you are missing and more.

498K Downloads Updated Nov 17, 2020 Created Dec 15, 2018

Timer for the BfA Invasion / Assault in World of Warcraft.