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35.7M Downloads Updated Mar 17, 2021 Created May 10, 2008

Makes posting, browsing and cancelling in the auction house easier.

31M Downloads Updated Apr 21, 2021 Created Oct 15, 2010

Powerful addon to help you make gold from crafting to selling on the auction house...

6.2M Downloads Updated Mar 14, 2021 Created Feb 12, 2008

Sells all your junk when you visit a merchant. Intuitive & Easy to use.

6.8M Downloads Updated May 5, 2021 Created May 19, 2019

Displays the sell value of an item when not at a vendor

11.6M Downloads Updated May 8, 2021 Created Apr 5, 2011

Auction house pricing data for your region and realm

29.8M Downloads Updated Jan 30, 2021 Created Oct 23, 2006

The original AH AddOn

1.6M Downloads Updated Apr 20, 2021 Created Jul 27, 2019

Gives you individual, current stack and per full stack vendor sell price information (includes sell...

1M Downloads Updated May 5, 2021 Created Jun 2, 2018

Loot at ludicrous speed.

4.4M Downloads Updated Mar 10, 2021 Created Jul 29, 2014

Acts as a connection between the TSM addon and app.

1.9M Downloads Updated Apr 29, 2021 Created Jan 9, 2015

Get informed of item values as they are looted based upon a pricing source you...

411K Downloads Updated Sep 9, 2020 Created Mar 11, 2020

Simple Auction addon, makes easier to search and sorts itemstacks by per-item prices

3.8M Downloads Updated Mar 13, 2021 Created Nov 18, 2014

Can automatically schedule all your missions, complete them, report orders and much more

843K Downloads Updated Apr 20, 2021 Created Aug 23, 2015

Display 60+ different currencies in Titan Panel!

2.8M Downloads Updated Apr 25, 2021 Created Oct 14, 2008

Automatically repairs all gear when you visit a repair vendor

443K Downloads Updated Mar 11, 2021 Created Oct 21, 2019

Determines Farms Gold Per Hour Based On Your Servers Price Of Items

319K Downloads Updated Apr 15, 2021 Created Nov 19, 2017

Add TSM market values ​​to the Rematch pet list

240K Downloads Updated Apr 21, 2021 Created Aug 19, 2019

Auction House DB, Database recording of the AH evolution for classic, offline queries

2.3M Downloads Updated Apr 25, 2021 Created Oct 21, 2008

Automatically sells grey loot when visiting a vendor

913K Downloads Updated Feb 15, 2021 Created Oct 9, 2009

Automatically sells grey and selected items with support for filters.

1.5M Downloads Updated Jan 17, 2021 Created Aug 9, 2018

Scrap items without having to look through your bags. (For use with BfA Scrapper)