Oribos Exchange

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This addon, from Oribos Exchange, shows realm-specific pricing information in item tooltips for all US and EU realms. It should be updated multiple times each week.

This is obviously very similar to The Undermine Journal addon, so what's the difference? Here's a quick list:

  • OE pricing uses the lowest posted price for each item; TUJ uses the cheapest 15% of total quantity, which almost always results in higher prices.
  • OE only shows the median price over the past 4 days, plus the median of those prices from all realms in your region. TUJ shows mean prices over 3- and 14-day periods, and mean regional prices. Medians are less affected by outlier prices.
  • TUJ has separate prices for different item levels for all equippable items, while OE only separates item levels for items introduced in Shadowlands (item levels for items from prior expansions are all lumped together).
  • TUJ does not separate item name variations ("of the Fireflash", "of the Quickblade") at all. OE separates them for Shadowlands items (and again, lumps them together for prior expansions).
  • TUJ does not separate battle pet prices by breed, but OE does.
  • The OE addon is about a quarter of the size of TUJ, which means faster load times and less memory usage.

Basically, I think OE has more accurate prices, loads faster, and omits data you don't need anyway. Give it a shot.

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