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Main Features

  • Calculates Stat Weights and Average Profit for the profession stats based on price source from addons like TSM or Auctionator and displays them on the crafting page in the recipe window
  • Calculates the Most Profitable Profession Gear combination based on the gear the player has in his inventory and shows an "Equip" button to equip that combination
  • Easily assign the Most Profitable Material Combination to achieve the highest possible rank with or without inspiration breakpoint
  • Shows a Price Overview for the possible outcome qualities
  • Offers a Crafting Simulation Mode to play around with recipe stats/materials
  • Simulate any Knowledge Point Distribution
  • Override Prices for any materials to your liking
  • Scan all Recipes of your open profession and optimize everything at once!
  • Save and share Craft Data for your characters and use them to calculate crafting costs!
  • Live Preview a recipe's result with other CraftSim Users!
  • Track your Craft Results for a session and see how real results compare to predicted ones!
  • Export all your recipes of a profession to plug into www.wowforgefinder.com


Other Features/Options

  • Remember last recipe opened this session
  • Show your last used material combination and crafting costs in the tooltip of an item!
  • Sync your current tooltip data and option configuration with another account that is using CraftSim
  • If using TSM as price source, configure the used Price Source Keys that are used for materials or crafted items or use TSM custom expressions
  • Enable/Disable every module separately and configure everything to your liking


Supported Price Sources

  • TSM
  • Auctionator
  • RECrystallize


Supported Client Languages

  • enUS (english)
  • deDE (german)
  • itIT (italian)
  • ruRU (russian)
  • ptBR (portuguese)
  • esES (spanish)
  • mxMX (spanish - mexico)
  • frFR (french) 
  • koKR (korean)
  • zhTW(taiwan)