Classic Loot Manager

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Classic Loot Manager


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Classic Loot Manager is a robust Loot Tracking and awarding tool for guilds.
It's designed to superseed old WoW Classic DKP AddOns and its derivatives and solves it's biggest painpoints by focusing on optimial communication and storage. CLM implements Event Sourcing and MVC programming models to achieve those targets. All data is synchronised automatically.



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Point Systems

Classic Loot Manager currently supports DKP


Implemented features

Auto-magical synchronisation

Multiple roster (teams) support

Alt-main linking

Mulit-level Access Control

  • Managers can control every aspect of the AddOn.
  • Assistants can award loot and DKP but can't control roster settings.

DKP point system

  • Fine-grained configurable awarding and decaying
  • Configurable weekly and hard point caps
  • Zero-Sum Bank mode + inflation
  • Taxation options

Multiple auction modes

  • Open auction with configurable minimum bid increment and announcements
  • Support for anonymous bidding
  • Closed and Vickrey bid systems
  • Configurable per-slot min and max item values
  • Configurable per-item min and max item values
  • Static (constant) and Ascending item value systems for bidding

History tracking and management

  • Fine grained point history
  • Item awards with all related information (when, who, how much)

Extensive Auctioning system


  • Configurable Anti-snipe protection
  • Auction from corpse or bag (with alt-click)
  • Simple item awarding
  • Award item without auction through slash command
  • Optional bid storing and posting to configured channel


  • Value increments (open bid mode only)
  • Alerts and notifications

Automated DKP awards

  • * All options are configurable
  • * On-time bonus - awarded when starting raid
  • * Raid completion bonus - awarded when ending raid
  • * Interval bonus - awarded every interval minutes
  • * Boss kill bonus - configurable per boss and through global value

Multiple simultaneous Raids management

  • Raid management and auto-creating profiles and filling roster when initializing raid
  • Multi-level logging for better issue handling

Chat commands

  • Send !dkp and !bid Whisper or Raid commands for bidding without using addon
  • Out of guild bidding using commands or CLM


  • Auditing UI - Check and manage all events that happened in the addon
  • Time travel mode - correct errors and add entries in history to keep the data in place
  • Sandbox mode - check out options, do trainings, and experiment without affecting other players


  • Built-in migration from MonolithDKP, EssentialDKP and CommunityDKP
  • Loot tracking queue for fast auctioning
  • Auto-posting loot to raid channel
  • Player spec tracking

External integrations