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Profession Master should help you and your guild to know faster which player has which profession and who can craft which item or who has learned which enchantment. To make this work Profession Master builds in the following components of WoW:


You can link Enchants in the Text Chat with Profession Master what is only available in TBC by default.

Profession synchronization

Regularly when logging in or learning new profession skills, the learned professions and skills will be synchronized with the other players of your guild. It is important to send only newly learned skills so that the speed of wow is not affected.

Profession overview

Profession Master also offers you the possibility to display and search all known professions and their players in a single overview. Players who are online will be highlighted there as well.

Profession Overview

Tooltip extension

The tooltips show you - if known - the players who can craft the item. The same applies to tooltips of professional skills. The tooltips also take into account whether you yourself have learned this skill or which of the known players is currently online.

Tooltip Extension

Shopping List

You can put Enchants or Items to the Shopping List to remember what you need. You will also be informed which reagents are missing in your bags.

Add to Shopping List

So what comes next?

Besides small corrections and improvements, as well as work on the speed, if possible, a suggestion function for enchantments that match your equipment would be conceivable.


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