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10.1.24 announcement

The addon is compatible with WoW Dragonflight 10.2.7, Classic 1.15.2, Cataclysm Classic 4.4.0


  • Fix item lookup for items with a / in the name (like "OOX-17/TN Distress Beacon")
  • Fix level nil issue
  • Add support for pet tooltips
  • Fix showing 0% health/mana
  • Fix sort number of non mobs on summary dialog
  • Enable Summary dialog functionality - hopefully all taint issues are fixed, if not please report
  • Add Show Class option
  • Disable Summary dialog functionality in retail for now.
  • Change ESCAPE key logic to no longer use UISpecialFrames, also removed UIPanelWindows setting
  • Updated to hopefully prevent taint messages
  • Change the way active Health/Mana is shown, add scaling
  • Add additional extra info lines to Tooltip
  • Add double click way point to Mob Search if TomTom is enabled (uses center point of bounds, and might be off if mobs are spread out)
  • Add English localization for added Summary dialog
  • Add new Summary dialog
  • Activated by /mi2 summary or by Right Clicking on the MobInfo2 icon
  • Shows the loots collected and the sources of the loots (including game objects) since login/reload
  • If Auctionator is available it will use auction price for items looted to calculate value of loots
  • Option to reset the Summary dialog
  • Option to change the font of the results lists
  • Filtering of the loot results, not filtering currently supported for sources
  • If Shift key is down and you hover of the result rwo, the ID will be added to the Name
  • plus more...
    Known issues:
  • Filter options are not saved and will reset to default after reload
  • Summary dialog always starts up as maximized if not visible (some odd UI behavior with tabs when starting as minimized and then maximize dialog)
  • GameObjects summary data is currently not stored, like Mobs
  • WoW does not provide API to look up names based on GameObject IDs. MobInfo will use the title of the GameTooltip if available when gathering/mining/opening Game Objects. In some cases the Game Tooltip is not available or it has unrelated information in it. The name of the Game Object might show up as an ID or an unrelated name. The name of the mob might show up as an internal id, when the mob was killed without ever having targeted or moused over it. 
  • Add minor changes to address Blizzard's changes to Wrath of the Lich King.
  • (Stay tuned for additional "Summary" Loot and Mob functionality in one of the next releases!)
  • Add support for trade skill quality tiers. Cross reference is now done based on item id instead of item name.
  • Add indenting support for quest objectives
  • Using GetBuildInfo instead of GetExpansionLevel to determine WoW version active
  • Updated SetUnit callback to only handle GameTooltip ones in retail
  • Fix health issue when target turns from not attackable to attackable
  • Change tooltip handling to take advantage of changes in retail and fixed minor bugs in that area
  • Fix reload issue causing health processing issues
  • Use GetMoneyString to display values
  • Use item link instead of item id to get item info (value of item can be different based on level) where possible
  • Fixed issue with Blizzard removing LOOT_SLOT_X constants, using hard coded values to ensure older clients still work with the same code base
  • Also use emptyLoot count when calculating percentages
  • Some Expansion Level Constants were removed causing 'Search' to fail (Classic)
  • Updated to support DragonFlight
  • Added missing dependency
  • Added Rare and Rare Elite search options
  • Fixed Health/Mana display
  • No longer using offset configuration (but left config for now)
  • Make sure the 'Search' tab is the default one when clicking MobInfo2 button or using /MI2
  • One addon for all WoW versions
  • Fixed issue with duplication when using the GameTooltip only in classic versions
  • Increased extra info from 4 to 6 lines
  • Updated BCC and Classic to address the border issues (ported change from Retail)
  • Fixed issue with cloth counting in retail
  • Add Currency Loot and fix combine mob issue.
  • Revamped the looting algorithm to account for delayed events, which was causing loots to be missed in Retail.
  • As of version 9.0.12 MobInfo2 supports LibDBIcon and LibDataBroker. This means that Titan for example allows you to add MobInfo icon or SexyMap to recognize MobInfo2. Classic now support empty loot count again.
  • As of version 9.0.10 anchor location of the tooltip is now saved as part of configuration and not just by player. 
  • As of version 9.0.8 option is added to "Save all party kills", which is turned off by default. Also player's pet kills are now accounted for.
  • As of version 9.0.7 individual kill count is accounted for
  • As of version 9.0.2 individual loot is accounted for when looting multiple mobs
  • Updated WoW Classic version as well - check it out.



MobInfo-2 is a World of Warcraft AddOn that provides you with useful additional information about Mobs (ie. opponents/monsters). It adds new information to the game's Tooltip whenever you hover with your mouse over a mob. It also adds a numeric display of the Mobs health and mana (current and max) to the Mob target frame. MobInfo-2 is the continuation of the now abandoned "MobInfo" by Dizzarian combined with the original "MobHealth2" by Wyv.

MobInfo Tooltip Window

By default MobInfo now shows and uses the new MobInfo Tooltip window. On screen there is a movable anchor (click&drag to move it) called "MI". Initially you should find it underneath the minimap. That's where the MobInfo Tooltip appears.

In the MobInfo options window you can configure the layout of the MobInfo Tooltip (on the "Tooltip" options page). You can also decide to not use it at all and use the normal GameTooltip instead (this option is on the "General" options page).

MobInfo-2 Data Collecting

MobInfo collects data whenever you fight a Mob. It starts off with an empty database, which fills up automatically the more you fight and play. The data it collects is used for enhancing the game tooltip and the game target frame. It is also available to other AddOns (mostly the mob/target health values). The amount of data that gets recorded is configurable through the MobInfo options dialog.

Resistances and Immunities

MobInfo implementats a considerably simplified method for resistances and immunities tracking. It records for each school of magic the number of spells that have succeeded and the number of spells that were resisted. The resulting percentage is NOT the exact magic resist stat of the mob ! Instead MobInfo attempt to show you a rough but helpful indication of how likely the mob is to resist spells of a specific class of magic. Sidenote: In fact due to WoW limitations it is impossible for an AddOn to calculate the exact magic resist stat.

Extra Information For Game Tooltip

The extra information available to show on the game tooltip is:

  • Class - class of mob
  • Health - current and total health of the mob
  • Power - current and total power of the mob
  • Damage - min/max damage range of Mob against you (stored per char)
  • DPS - your DPS (damage per second) against the Mob (stored per char)
  • Kills - number of times you have killed the mob (stored per char)
  • Total Looted - number of times you have looted the mob
  • Empty Loots - number of times you found empty loot on the mob
  • XP - actual LAST xp amount you gained from the mob
  • <nowiki>#</nowiki> to Level - number of kills of this mob needs to gain a level
  • Quality - the quality of items that are dropped by the mob
  • Cloth drops - the number of times cloth has dropped on the mob
  • Avg Coin Drop - average amount of money dropped by the mob
  • Avg Item Value - average vendor value of items dropped by mob
  • Total Mob Value - total sum of avg coin drop and avg item value
  • Loot Items - all loot items dropped by a Mob can be recorded
  • Mob Location - the location where you killed a Mob gets recorded and can be shown in the tooltip
  • Mob Resistances - the mobs magic resistances and immunities

There are two modes for displaying the data: normal mode and compact mode. In normal mode one line is added to the tooltip per single data item from the list above. In compact mode two data items will be combined on one line of the tooltip. User of TipBuddy should note that (only) the MobInfo Compact Mode is compatible with the TipBuddy Compact Mode.

Note that MobInfo offers a "Combined Mode" where the data of Mobs with the same name that only differ in level gets combined (added up) into one tooltip. This mode can be enabled through the options dialog

Target Frame Health/Mana Values (to be removed)

MobInfo can display the numeric and percentage values for your current targets health and mana right on the target frame (formerly known as MobHealth functionality). This display is highly configurable through the MobInfo options dialog (position, font, size, etc).

MobInfo Options Dialog

Type '/mi2' or '/mobinfo2' on the chat prompt to open the MobInfo2 options dialog. This dialog gives you full interactive control over EVERYTHING that MobInfo can do. All options take immediate effect. Simply try them all out. Decent defaults get set when you start MobInfo for the first time. Note that the 4 main categories 'Tooltip', 'Mob Health/Mana', 'Database' and 'Search' have separate dedicated options pages within the options dialog.

Everything in the options dialog has an associated help text that explains to you what the option does. The help texts are shown automatically as a tooltip.

How to Install

Before installing a (new) version of MobInfo it is IMPORTANT that you exit and close WoW ! Unpack the ZIP file and copy the folder 'MobInfo2' into your 'World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns' folder. If asked choose to overwrite existing files. If you have an existing MobInfo database it is a good idea to backup this database just so you have a backup copy in a save location. You can find your MobInfo database here: 'World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/<account_name>/SavedVariables/MobInfo2.lua'. Now you can again start WoW and enjoy the new MobInfo.

MobInfo-2 will automatically load the next time you login with one of your chars. When starting the first time you might get a message that a separate MobHealth AddOn was detected. If so please remove it, or at least disable it. You will find that it is no longer needed, because MobInfo-2 is a full featured and fully compatible replacement for "MobHealth".

New Features

Recently a number of great new features have been added to MobInfo. I'm sure you'd love at least some of them, if not all, if only you knew they existed and how to activate them :-) So here is a list for you:

  • MobInfo now features its own movable and configurable MobInfo tooltip window
  • optimized and simplified MobInfo options window
  • MobInfo minimap button for opening the MobInfo options window
  • drastically improved Mob health calculation accuracy
  • vendor sell value of items can be shown in item tooltip


This addon was originally created by Skeeve on Wowace. All credit for all work done on this addon at this point in time goes go him, with the exception of bugfixes since patch 3.0.2. Credit for bugfixes for 3.0.2 goes to PapaTango over on Incgamers. Credit for post-3.1 to 4.0.1 bugfixes goes to Speeddymon. Shortly before the release of Cataclysm, Speeddymon left the project to devote himself to his family. Post Cataclysm, various emergency bugfixes have been handled as they have arisen by new maintainers Brandmauer and Speedwaystar.