The Twilight Forest

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Filename twilightforest-1.19.2-4.2.1468-universal.jar
Uploaded by Killer_Demon
Uploaded Nov 9, 2022
Game Version 1.19.2   +1
Size 22.47 MB
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MD5 700f91192563c88ac43843de471fee5f



  • Fully implemented Red Thread.
  • Red Thread now has a material color, allowing it to appear on Maps.
  • Red Thread now properly visually connects to other Red Thread blocks.
  • Added harvest levels to TF blocks.
  • Fallen Leaves can now generate and be manually placed onto Water.
  • Added a fancy animation for the Beanstalk growing.
  • All TF content should now respect vibrations and emit them for events.
  • Added an uncrafting recipe for tipped arrows.
  • Made all blocks that used fullbright stuff in CTM fullbright in the base mod instead.
  • Added support for Transformation Powder recipes in JEI.
  • Added support for Crumble Horn recipes in JEI.
  • Added a new config option to change the maximum size of a TF portal.
  • Added a new config option to disable the costs of uncrafting and recrafting.
  • Added new config options to disable each magic tree core and to change the radius of core functionalities.
  • Added a ✓ or ✗ that renders above your crosshair when looking at a Questing Ram with a piece of wool in your hand. This will indicate if the Questing Ram has eaten that color wool already. This can be disabled via the client config.
  • Added Jade compat for the Questing Ram. All wool colors that the Questing Ram has not eaten yet will show up under its name.
  • Added fancy Twilight Oak trees.
  • Rainbow Oak and Twilight Oak Saplings can now grow fancy versions of their respective trees.
  • Added compat for Botany Pots.
  • Added compat for The One Probe (thanks AlphaMode!).



  • Block and Chain quality of life changes:
  • Removed the Preservation and Block Strength enchantments.
  • The Block and Chain will no longer break blocks by default and now requires the Destruction enchantment to do so.
  • The Destruction enchantment now has 3 levels. Level 1 enables block breaking, higher levels increase its mining tier up to iron.
  • The Block and Chain will now use harvest levels to pick what blocks to mine instead of blast resistance.
  • Changed Beanstalk Leaves to use Azalea Leaves textures instead of Spruce Leaves.
  • Beanstalk Leaves now also grow on the inner-side of the Beanstalk spiral.
  • Beanstalk Leaves now decay if nearby Beanstalks are destroyed.
  • Thorns no longer connect to miscellaneous plant blocks.
  • Thorns hitboxes now match the visual model.
  • Updated Thorns models so that they appear more natural.
  • Thorn Leaves now decay when the Thorns it connects to are broken.
  • Block of Artic Fur and Cloud blocks now dampen vibrations.
  • Fixed Skull Candle blocks not dropping the candles when broken by non-direct means.
  • Skull Candles are now in the Forge "Heads" item tag.
  • Spooky forest water color has been slightly desaturated.
  • Farmland and dirt paths are now valid portal edge blocks.
  • Changed the Dark Forest progression effect from Blindness to Darkness.
  • Baby Deer and Bighorn Sheep no longer have fully grown horns/antlers.
  • Removed fire enchantments from ice-themed items. Ice Sword will no longer accept Fire Aspect and the Ice Bow no longer accept Flame.
  • The Mazebreaker is now guaranteed to generates in Labyrinth vaults.
  • Moved blocks that the Mazebreaker can break faster to the `twilightforest:mazebreaker_accelerated_mining` tag.
  • Reworked how the Peaccock Feather Fan calculates fall damage. Fall damage will now always be prevented until you hit the ground instead of being on a timer.
  • Double Chests in structures will now contain loot in both chests instead of only one.
  • Added a custom death message when you die after being thrown by a Yeti.
  • Added Transformation Powder to the Uncrafting Table blacklist tag.
  • Added a global cooldown for Yeti throwing. You should no longer become stuck in a loop of getting thrown around.
  • Right clicking bugs, Skull Candles, and Trophies with an empty helmet slot will equip them.
  • Removed most compat from the mod. They are slated to become seperate addons later.
  • The author and title of hint books are now translatable with language files.
  • Tiny Birds no longer flee from players who are in Creative Mode.
  • Pinch Beetles are now properly part of the arthropod family.
  • Changed transformation powder jsons a little. A "Reversible" boolean is now available for Transformation Powder JSONs. This lets the game know if the transformation works two ways or not.
  • Created an underground biome. This means that monsters spawns are no longer hardcoded to be underground.
  • Tiny Birds and Dwarf Rabbits can now have additional skins registered through a new registry.
  • The Naga now knocks players further back when hitting their shield.
  • Changed the Dark Forest to be more dense.
  • Fiddleheads are now replaceable like grass.
  • Items that the Uncrafting Table ignores when calculating the uncrafting cost are now a tag (`twilightforest:uncrafting_ignores_cost`).
  • Cicadas on your head will now play sounds (this can be disabled via config).
  • Added all of our bosses to the forge boss tag.
  • Root blocks and Trollsteinn blocks can now be overgrown by moss.
  • JEI will no longer show uncrafting if it is turned off in the config.
  • Castle Doors invert their colors when activated again.
  • Moved stalactite entries to a datapack.
  • Changed how the portal detects valid blocks on the bottom of the pool. As long as the top face is solid, it counts as a valid block.
  • Knight Phantoms are now harder to kill if their bodies arent visible.
  • Moved valid spawn blocks for Penguins and Giants to block tags.
  • The Peacock Feather Fan can now blow out candles.
  • Piercing arrows can now shoot through the Snow Queen's ice cloud.
  • Attacking a Goblin Knight with an axe will now disable their shield for 5 seconds.
  • Expanded on datapack support for Twilight Forest's chunk generator and structures.



  • Mist Wolf Once again become transparent based on light level. lower light = lower transparency.
  • The beanstalk now remembers it's growth progress after being un-loaded and re-loaded.
  • Fixed Knight Phantom's thrown weapons rendering being rotated backwards.
  • Fixed bow FOV modifier snapping back after you finish using the bow.
  • Fixed fluids overriding other fluids when fluidlogging a Keepsake Casket.
  • Fixed Skeleton Druid projectiles not respecting mob griefing and limited what blocks they can replace.
  • Fixed items that use a 32x32 texture having an enchantment glint that stretched out of its slot.
  • Fixed the Ur-Ghast's home point. The loot chest will now correctly spawn after a world reload again.
  • Fixed Canopy Bookshelf recipe to not conflict with vanilla.
  • Fixed Huge Water Lily being solid blocks.
  • Fixed some strange Naga behavior when it left its courtyard.
  • Fixed the Pinch Beetle being able to hold players inside walls.
  • Fixed the Pinch Beetle still being able to suffocate the player from very specific angles.
  • Fixed Hydra fire not counting as fire damage.
  • Fixed Boars trying to equip saddles but eating them instead.
  • Fixed Web generation in the Spooky Forest.
  • Fixed Glass Sword playing the shattering sound every time it was used instead of when it breaks.
  • Fixed the falling icicle mechanic in the Alpha Yeti fight. A mechanic that has been broken for 7 years...
  • Fixed Blocks of Ironwood z-fighting from far away.
  • Fixed Castle Doors z-fighting from far away.
  • Fixed z-fighting on our Chests.
  • Fixed JEI not displaying the amount of items needed in a custom uncrafting recipe.
  • Fixed items not leaving behind remaining items when crafting with the Uncrafting Table (E.g., crafting a Cake would previously not leave 3 Empty Buckets behind).
  • Fixed JEI uncrafting compat not working.
  • Fixed Wraiths flying far away from Graveyards and Hollow Hills.
  • Fixed an override in vanilla dispenser behavior.
  • Fixed monster spawns in certain key biomes.
  • Fixed multiparts not working with the Glowing or Invisibility effects.
  • Fixed broken Parrot imitation sounds.
  • Fixed hint book entries having random underscores.
  • Fixed the Scepter of Life Draining causing players to horribly desync after killing them.
  • Fixed repairing items in the Uncrafting Table.
  • Fixed damaged item counts being way off in the Uncrafting Table.
  • Fixed Rising Zombies not dropping items.
  • Fixed an issue where turning biome blending off would result in black patches of grass in the Enchanted Forest.
  • Fixed a texture issue with spiral bricks.
  • Fixed an issue where Fireflies were able to generate on vines.
  • Fixed Hollow Logs not counting as furnace fuel.
  • Fixed the Frosted effect ice layer rendering strangely on small or really large mobs.
  • Fixed Unstable Ice Cores still breaking blocks even if the mob griefing gamerule was set to false.
  • Fixed the Questing Ram ignoring loot modifiers.
  • Fixed Giants not being able to hit you if you get all up in their face.
  • Fixed certain flowers almost never generating.
  • Fixed being able to break blocks with the Block and Chain while having the Mining Fatigue effect.
  • Fixed blocks being broken in a giant cube if the player held a Giant's Pickaxe in their main hand while breaking blocks with an item in the other.
  • Fixed the Block and Chain dropping blocks when hitting them while the player is in Creative Mode.
  • Fixed wrong sounds sometimes playing when breaking blocks with the Block and Chain.
  • Fixed the Dark Forest canopy generating too low to the ground.
  • Fixed the Naga hating shields to the point of over-breaking them (durability going below 0).
  • Mob home points are now properly saved. Bosses will no longer wander too far from home and their drop chest will always place where the spawner was. Wraiths will also no longer fly too far from where they spawned.
  • Fixed banisters not burning.
  • Fixed filled maps not stacking even if identical.
  • Fixed Fiery armor lighting targets on fire if you block them with a shield.
  • Fixed all Curios being kept without a Charm of Keeping.
  • Fixed jungle trees growing too tall in the Dark Tower.
  • Fixed Optifine warning screen button not working.
  • Fixed Slime Beetles not dropping anything.
  • Fixed boss chests overwriting items when overfilled.
  • Fixed giant block rendering.
  • Added a built-in connected texture system for Castle Doors.
  • Improved Torchberry Plant and Root Strand placing logic.
  • Fixed the block and chain being able to break blocks in item form.
  • Fixed the thrown Block and Chain's damage not scaling properly with enchantments.
  • Changed how the Block and Chain takes damage. Breaking blocks with it does up to 3, and hitting an entity does 1. It won't take damage if it only hits the ground.
  • Slightly improved Block and Chain block breaking and ricochet logic.
  • Fixed Red Thread being replaceable when right-clicking with other blocks.
  • Fixed the Hydra rendering as only a body when not a real entity. Meaning mods that call to render a "fake entity" Hydra (like JER) will now render it with 3 heads instead of none.
  • Fixed a memory leak related to Knight Phantoms.
  • Fixed Redcaps not rendering armor correctly.
  • Fixed a few issues with the legacy Redcap texture.
  • Fixed some expensive calls in Tiny Bird and Raven flight logic.
  • Fixed Magic Maps and Maze Maps breaking if left in an item frame when the server is shut down.
  • Optimized the portal advancement unlock code. The Code will no longer run if the advancement is invalid or empty, and the advancement will be parsed the first time the portal is touched by a player.


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