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Potion Descriptions (Forge)

Potion Descriptions

This is the Forge version. The Fabric version is here.


This little client side mod was greatly inspired by Enchantment Descriptions by DarkhaxDev and does a similar thing for potions. When you are sneaking (configurable), potion tooltips will display effect descriptions. No more forgetting what all these status effects do!



Currently, descriptions are available for any items that use the same NBT structure as vanilla potions and suspicious stews (configurable), but there is explicit support for some potion-like items from other mods! See below for the full list.


Supported mods (1.16.X):


 Supported mods (1.12.2):

Potion types:




Note for Extra Alchemy users:

Extra Alchemy's effects are ignored by default because the mod already provides its own tooltips.

If you want consistent tooltips on all the items, you need to do two things:

  • Remove Extra Alchemy from the blacklist in Potion Descriptions config
  • Disable tooltips (and optionally the bad jokes) in Extra Alchemy config


If you want to contribute to this list or add localization for your language, pull requests are highly appreciated! ;)


To add a description, you need to insert the following line to the language file:


where POTION is the name of the potion effect. When in doubt, you can enable logging of missing descriptions in the config.