294 Downloads Last Updated: May 30, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

This mod is a simple port of old world generator from Infdev 20100415 (some players named is as one of the most interesting world generators). World generation has its own world type "Infdev" that can be selected in world customization menu.


- Block-accurate terrain generation from Infdev 20100415;

- Infdev biome with grass, leaves, water and sky color from Infdev;

- Infdev ores and trees for Infdev biome;

- Support for actual Minecraft biomes and biomes from Mods;

- Support for structures: villages, dungeons, mineshafts, modded structures, etc;

- Caves and ravines;

- World configuration - select which biomes will generate, structures, caves and other things.


If you want full Infdev experience:

- In world generation options mark "Only Infdev Biome" as "On";

- Disable Smooth lighting;

- Set clouds rendering to flat/2D;

- Activate "Programmers Art" resourcepack (or use other special resourcepacks).

The result will look like Infdev, but you will have all features of new game.


Infdev|1.15.2 Screenshots/Posters:



Other Screenshots (10 images with shaders, biome mods - Terrestria & Traverse):


World Options:

Biome List - Button to toggle on/off biomes for surface generation.


Options List:

Only Infdev Biome: Off - [On|Off] - If turned on all world will be covered with Infdev biome and other settings will be ignored, otherwise normal biomes will be generated

Biome Size (iterations): 3 - [2-32] - Biome size in iterations, normal world have this parameter as 8, large biomes - 10;

Generate Villages: On - [On|Off] - If turned on villages will be generated (except Infdev biome is on);

- Generate Dungeons & Temples: On - [On|Off] - If turned on all temples, shipwrecks, pyramids, etc. will be generated (except Infdev biome is on);

- Generate Mineshafts: On - [On|Off] - If turned on mineshafts will be generated (except Infdev biome is on);

- Generate Other Structures: On - [On|Off] - If turned on all other structures will be generated (except Infdev biome is on);

- Generate Bedrock: On - [On|Off] - If turned on a bedrock layer will be generated at the world bottom;

- Generate Caves and Ravines: On - [On|Off]  - If turned on caves and ravines will be carved (except Infdev biome is on).



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