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🤑 Influence trades offered by villagers • 🧱Slabs for vanilla blocks like sand, dirt, concrete or glass • 🛕Stairs and Walls for Wool, Concrete and Terracotta • 🎁Connected chests that have access to the same invetory • 🛠️A tool that places a random block from the hot bar.
Wunderreich is a Mincraft Fabric mod that brings some niceties and new mechanics to your game. Everything has been designed with configurability in mind. So you get to decide which features to use. 
You may also want to install ModMenu and RoughlyEnoughItems. While those are optional, they enhance the experience (for example you do not have to edit Config-Files in order to change the general behaviour of our Mod.




Use your Trowel to place a random Block/Item from your Hotbar. This is the perfect tool, if you want to use random looking block patterns in your builds. The more Blocks of a type you have in your hot-bar, the more likley it is to be choosen.



You can Whisper to your Villagers now. If a Villager is untrained, a whisperer of yours will force it to choose another set of initial trades. [more]


Imprinted Whispers:

If you imprint a Whisper with an enchantment, Librarians will offer only trades that include the imprinted enchanted book. [more]


Slabs, Stairs and Walls:

Slabs, Stairs and Walls that are missing from the vanilla game. Our Slabs include Gras, Dirt, Dirt Paths, Coars Dirt, (Red-)Sand, Concrete, Terracotta, Wool and Glas. Sand Slabs will fall and Gras will spread to Dirt-Slabs. Stairs and Walls are currently limited to Concrete, Wool and Terracotta. There are also Walls for vanilla wood types.



One shared Storrage for everyone in your world. Every Wunderkiste in the world shares the same inevenory across Dimensions. Redstone updates are sent to every single one in real-time. That is why a Wunderkiste doubles as an inter-dimensional chunk loader.

By using dye on a Wunderkiste or changing its' name on an anvil, you can change the storage network. Wunderkisten of the same color share the same inventory.  [more]


Named Monsters:

If you name a Monster using a Name-Tag, it will not de-spawn when you switch your game to peaceful. This is usefull, if you often need or want to switch back to peacfull and still be able to use mob farms that require hostile mobs (like endermites).

Find out more on our official Mod Website.

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