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This is an early prototype of world generation mod. It adds a new world type "Sky World", filled with plenty floating islands. The development may be slow as it is my small side project.





- Support for mods that adds their own biomes, like Terrestria and Traverse (tested with these ones);

- Support for mod ores (tested on TechReborn);

- Support for Optifabric with Optifine;

- Different type of islands;

- Archipelagos and single islands;

- Thee cloud layers at world bottom;

- World customization (island types, ocean at the bottom, distance between islands, bushes/vines generation, etc.).



Planned features:

- Structure support (Villages, Mineshafts, mod structures, etc);

- More islands types;

- Floating continents with lakes and rivers.


Some screenshots:


With shaders (optifabric + optifine) and some mod biomes (Terrestria + Traverse)


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