14,142 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 30, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.4

Adds atmospheric sounds to Minecraft!


To install, put the atmosfera-1.x.x.jar file in your "mods" folder.

For versions of Minecraft prior to 1.16, you must also put the atmosfera-sounds-1.x.x file in your "resourcepacks" folder.

In Minecraft versions 1.16+, the default sounds are included in the mod jar.


Requires FabricAPI to also be installed. Requires ModMenu for configuring the volumes of individual sounds.


This mod is entirely client side! That means you can run it on vanilla servers :)


Feel free to use both Atmosfera and the Atmosfera sounds in any modpacks, so long as credit is given.


Currently implemented sounds are:

Beach waves

Ocean lapping

River flowing

Desert at day

Desert at night

Swamp at day

Swamp at night

Plains at day

Plains at night

Jungle sounds

Wind at high altitudes

Leaves rustling

Tall grass rustling


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