Atmosfera is a client-side ambient sound system with customizable, atmospheric sound resources for Minecraft Fabric.


The Atmosfera System

  • The client-side environment allows users to run the mod even on Vanilla servers.
  • The system provides a dynamic 2D soundscape depending on several conditions and modifiers within a sphere/hemisphere around the player:
    • Dimension,
    • Distance from the ground,
    • Height,
    • Percentage of biomes,
    • Percentage of blocks,
    • Percentage of the sky visibility,
    • Period of the day,
    • Rainy weather,
    • Stormy weather,
    • Submerged in a fluid.
  • The playback uses smooth loops and transitions.
  • Settings powered by Cloth Config API for volumes and subtitles can be configured with or without Mod Menu.
  • Sound files and events are stored as resources allowing users to customize and create their own Atmosfera resource packs.


The Atmosfera Resources

The sound events of both built-in packs support the blocks and biomes of various world generation mods.


  • The pack provides a selection of assets from Minecraft Dungeons for a more suitable and immersive ambience.
  • The ambient soundscape consists of 28 events with 65 sounds:
    • Cave: Cave echoes
    • Cave - Speleothems: Water drips in the cave
    • Desert - Daytime: Desert hums
    • Desert - Nighttime: Desert sizzles
    • Forest - Daytime: Forest breathes
    • Forest - Nighttime: Forest rests
    • Forest - Rainy: Forest refreshes
    • Forest - Snowy - Daytime: Forest chills
    • Forest - Snowy - Nighttime: Forest shivers
    • Grass: Grass rustles
    • Grassland - Daytime: Grassland breathes
    • Grassland - Nighttime: Grassland rests
    • Grassland - Rainy: Grassland refreshes
    • Grassland - Snowy - Daytime: Grassland chills
    • Grassland - Snowy - Nighttime: Grassland shivers
    • Leaves: Leaves rustle
    • Rainforest - Tropical - Daytime: Rainforest chatters
    • Rainforest - Tropical - Nighttime: Rainforest buzzes
    • Shore: Waves lap the shore
    • Shore - Beach - Daytime: Beach howls
    • Shore - Beach - Nighttime: Beach breezes
    • Shore - Beach - Rainy: Beach rumbles
    • Swamp - Daytime: Swamp breathes
    • Swamp - Nighttime: Swamp rests
    • Swamp - Rainy: Swamp refreshes
    • Waterbody: Water ripples
    • Waterbody - River: River runs
    • Wind: Wind blows
  • The music soundscape is composed of 7 events with 13 tracks:
    • Camp
    • Desert - Cacti Canyon
    • Desert - Desert Temple
    • Grassland - Pumpkin Pastures
    • Snowy - Lone Fortress
    • Snowy - Lost Settlement
    • Swamp - Soggy Cave




  • The Fabric Mod Loader, Fabric API and Cloth Config API are required to install and use Atmosfera.
  • Mod Menu is recommended to be able to configure the settings with a graphical user interface.
  • Presence Footsteps is suggested to enhance the sound experience.
  • Similar ambient sound mods or data packs are not recommended to be used together with Atmosfera since the soundscapes might conflict.



Mod Minecraft 1.16.5 Minecraft 1.17
Biome Makeover
Oh The Biomes You'll Go
River Redux
Sakura Rosea
Vanilla Enhanced
Vanilla+ Biomes
Wild World
Woods and Mires




Caveats and Known Issues

  • The built-in resource pack cannot be enabled by default. (ResourcePackActivationType)
  • The system cannot be utilized by a non-player entity like the mob view and Replay Mod editor.



Use the Issues tab of the GitHub repository for reports and requests.



See the Changelog markdown file.



See the Credits markdown file.



Atmosfera is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 as a free and open-source software.



Users are permitted to use Atmosfera in any medium and modpack if an appropriate credit is given by providing a link to the original pages where users can find the Atmosfera builds.

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