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Ecotones is a biome overhaul mod that attempts to capture the chaotic essence of the real world's flora by filling each biome with life, where each generated tree, shrub, and rock is unique in where it generates and the shape. It also takes inspiration from the beta days of Minecraft and makes each biome feel dynamic and varied. Ecotones' many trees and bushes adapt to their surroundings and each tree generates in it's own unique way. Currently, the mod adds over 33 distinct biomes, or 115 including variants.


Biome Generation Algorithm

Ecotones has 16 base biomes, which are generated according to a simplex noise grid. This ensures that temperature and humidity scales well, so rain forests are not next to deserts, for example. Then, another simplex noise grid is used to generate biomes' hilliness, so certain parts of the map will have generation that is almost "shattered". After the base biomes are generated, "Special" biomes are generated on top. These special biomes do not follow the same temperature and humidity rules, and have special effects, such as unique grass, leaf, and sky colors, as well as unique generation.


Full Biome List

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    Hot biomes:

* Desert

* Scrubland

* Steppe

* Tropical Grassland

* Lush Savannah

* Dry Forest

* Lush Forest

* Tropical Rainforest


Warm Biomes:
* Cool Desert

* Cool Scrubland

* Cool Steppe

* Prairie

* Boreal Forest

* Spruce Forest

* Temperate Forest

* Temperate Rainforest


Each of the above biomes has 2 other variants, each with more mountainous and extreme terrain.

Swamp Biomes: 

* Bog

* Mire

* Marsh

* Wetland


Special Biomes (biomes that have a chance of appearing a couple thousand blocks from spawn):

* Volcanic biome
* Supervolcanic biome

* Hot Springs biome

* Blessed Springs biome

* The Pits
* Oasis biome
* Hazel Grove

* Green Spires

* Pine peaks

* Uluru

* Flower Prairie

* Woodland Thicket

* Poplar Forest

* Clover Field

* Wasteland


Technical biomes:
* Beach



 Prairie biome

Pine Peaks:


Hilly Desert:

Tropical Rainforest: 

Tropical Grassland:

Dry forest and Wet forest boundary:

Oasis biome:

Uluru (small special biome):

Boundary of 3 biomes:


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