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2.9M Downloads Updated Nov 15, 2019 Created May 6, 2014

Autopilot, Information displays, and general Automation plugin

1.4M Downloads Updated Jul 1, 2020 Created Jul 23, 2014

Kerbal Engineer reveals important statistics about your ship and its orbit during building and flight.

2.1M Downloads Updated Apr 26, 2020 Created Aug 31, 2014

KAS introduce new gameplay mechanics by adding winches and eva attachable struts/pipes.

1.3M Downloads Updated Apr 25, 2020 Created Mar 14, 2015

KIS introduce new gameplay mechanics by adding a brand new inventory sytem and EVA usables...

465K Downloads Updated Apr 25, 2020 Created May 7, 2014

The Kerbal Alarm Clock is a plugin that allows you to create reminder alarms at...

25.1K Downloads Updated Jun 13, 2020 Created Jan 6, 2020

New probe and communication parts

291K Downloads Updated Jun 17, 2020 Created May 7, 2015

SCANsat: Real Scanning, Real Science, Warp Speed!

306K Downloads Updated Mar 20, 2020 Created Aug 29, 2014

A plugin for Kerbal Space Program which adds some SSTV, beeps, and nonsensical radio chatter...

291K Downloads Updated Mar 14, 2020 Created Jun 3, 2014

A life support system from Thunder Aerospace Corporation (TAC).

292K Downloads Updated Jul 28, 2017 Created Jul 30, 2016

The Original Weapons Mod by BahamutoD, continued!

54.4K Downloads Updated Nov 24, 2019 Created Aug 5, 2018

The Graphics Enhancements Assembly includes a lot of textures and settings, allowing you to making your...

125K Downloads Updated Aug 6, 2017 Created Jun 1, 2017

Next Star Industries Nuclear and Heavy Weapons

660K Downloads Updated Dec 29, 2014 Created Sep 1, 2014

Essential and enormous set of structural, control, propulsion, command and utility parts for aerospace designs.

174K Downloads Updated Mar 5, 2020 Created Jun 4, 2016

Makes switching vessels easy and predictable

94.6K Downloads Updated Aug 30, 2019 Created Sep 6, 2014

An in-game implementation of AluxMun's Launch Window Planner WebApp - to plan when to make...

2.5K Downloads Updated May 21, 2020 Created May 21, 2020

KSP Recall - a bag of tricks and stunts to overcome KSP blunders and borks.

104K Downloads Updated Feb 20, 2020 Created Feb 16, 2016

Expanded tech tree for KSP

117K Downloads Updated Mar 19, 2017 Created Dec 29, 2015

Orbital and planetary bases and colonies for KSP!

609K Downloads Updated Dec 11, 2014 Created May 9, 2014

Auroras, UHD clouds, sand storms, lightning, HD particle textures, sun flare, high altitude clouds, and...

11.7K Downloads Updated Mar 18, 2020 Created Jun 27, 2016

A small mod that adds a couple new scientific instruments to do science around Kerbol...