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Installation :

  • Unzip 'Chatterer_x.x.x.zip' file anywhere you see fit,
  • Copy only the 'Chatterer' folder (and its content) you will find under 'Chatterer_x.x.x\GameData'
  • Then paste this 'Chatterer' folder in your KSP 'GameData' folder.

Usage :

  • Chattering/background noises should start automatically upon flight start,
  • you will see the Chatterer button on your application toolbar on the upper right of the screen,
  • Click on it to access Chatterer settings (watch for tooltips).

(optional when using Blizzy78's Toolbar Mod)

  • if you have Blizzy78's Toolbar Mod installed, you can also find a Chatterer Icon available (must be enabled on first load),
  • you can also choose to use Blizzy78's Toolbar only and hide KSP stock applauncher button (check Chatterer settings).


Credits :

Original idea and work : ***Iannic-ann-od***
Thanks a lot to him for his awesome work and to allow me to continue it since version 0.5.9 since the end of December 2013.
I promised him I will do my best to keep Chatterer chattering things high in Kerbal space and beyond.

Audio :
Apollo 11 and STS-1 chatter created from audio found at the http://archive.org/details/nasaaudiocollection
Russian chatter created from audio recorded by http://www.svengrahn.pp.se/sounds/sounds.htm.
Sound effects by acclivity, adneonlux, AGFX, AMPUL, Argitoth, be-steele, blaukreuz, bubaproducer, carbilicon, ch0cchi, Corsica_S, datwilightz, DJ Chronos, DodoDuck, DrNI, ERH, FreqMan, HerbertBoland, junggle, klankbeeld, laiskvorst, Leady, mario1298, m-o-m, NUpton, pera, plagasul, REC242, Setuniman, suonho, UdoPohlmann, yewbic, Zozzy

Chatterer logo : modified from : http://jmtrivial.info/infographie/art-libre/