KSP Recall

KSP Recall Supports KSP 1.12

Tired of constantly updating your Add'Ons each time a new KSP release fsck up something?

Restless while waiting your favorite Add'On to be updated so you can play without invoking devils on dark and incompreensible rituals?

So this Add'On is for you.

By installing this thingy, some of the unsolved bugs and mishaps from KSP will be fixed or at least worked round, saving Add'On Authors from the hassle to handle them themselves.

It aims to need minimal coupling with existent code, as well to be selectively injected on the broken parts in order to prevent unholly intercations with third-party modules that decide to fix things their own way.

Currently, the following fixes are available once installed:

Add'Ons that supports TweakScale using Scale_Redist.dll but do not change resources themselves will be automatically fixed - TweakScale "calls" KSP Recall as the last step of the rescaling, anything you do on IRescalable::OnRescale(ScalingFactor factor) will be preserved.


KSP-Recall was repackaged to allow being installed down to KSP 1.4.1 , besides no fixes for anything below 1.8.0 being available (at least, yet). You can install it on any KSP safely, only the fixes available for the KSP where it was installed will be activated by default.