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New With 2.0!y0UQkbU.png

Four different types of  contracts you can build yourself inside the game while Playing Kerbal Space Program Supports the Making History Expansion Pack!  Custom Contracts work on the premise that your not waiting for a contract from a company to show up in Mission Control, your yourself are writing a contract and a Company will eventually accept and fund your expedition for you!  That is the whole point of Custom Contracts, it's  not free money but Funding for the expedition Type of your choice!  Lets Go!

Vvjvnqm.png Made for your RemoteTech Needs. Just select the Orbital Periods you launch and turn on the contract and they will show up in your Mission control Center.

iHdr3Yd.png Have a Life Support Mod? Or other type of resource mod? Use this contract to make custom missions to supply your stations with the supplies they need. Mission controller can support any supply added by any mod. If its not part of mission controller now, you can add it yourself by editing the Mission Controller Config file.

0PvQoZG.png Need to have a crew on the station or base. Mission Controllers Custom Crew Expedition allows you to set up crew rotations to your bases and space stations! NEW You can

now add civilians to this contract.  Bring civilians to your stations and bases and make extra money!!

 Rn2fLUC.png Decide where you want to go any planet any moon.. Landing or Orbit.  And someone just might fund your expedition for you. NEW You can now add civilians to this contract type, bring civilians to orbits of other planets or have them land with you.  Start a New touring business around the Kerbol System!  Oh ya you make extra funds for this service.. Have fun!






These new contract types also bring many flavors of objectives. One of the main objectives is to deliver a single satellite to either Polar Orbit Or more common KeoStationary orbit.


Core Adjustments in VAB

This is where the new parts come in. One of the objective of these contracts is to add a Certain Satellite core to your vessel. The satellite cores are split into the 4 types above.

You also need to set up a Module type that the Customer wants installed into the core. You can adjust these inside the VAB with Tweakables via right clicking on the already placed part.

You also need to set a Frequency that the contract requires. You can do this the same way with a tweakable while inside the VAB and right clicking the part.

Start Data Linkup

This is an objective of these types of contracts. Once you get the vessel into the Objective orbit and you have the correct Module installed and Frequency you can right click on the part while in flight and complete this object by pressing the "Start Data Linkup"

Keep A Line Of Sight Of Ground Station

This is an objective that works very similar to the Default KSP Keostationary contract the only difference is that the ground station is connected via Frequency you set previously while building your satellite. this is important only a satellite with the right frequency can establish a link with the target ground station and finish this objective.

Get to KeoStationary Orbit

This is an easy objective you must get to the designated APA and PEA orbital heights the contract requires. For most contracts this is a keostationary orbit. Some Satellite types do have different types of orbits though so pay attention.


You can only set the frequency and module type while in the VAB. You cannot change these while in flight. If you get the wrong settings you will have to launch a new vessel.

Also be aware that a Satellite core can only do 1 Data Link download. They cannot be reused for other missions. So make sure the settings are correct.


The big daddy of satellite contracts. The network contract requires you to launch 6 Satellites and build a network around kerbin. All 6 satellites work the same way as the above Single Contract Missions. They all require Satellite cores (all the same) Satellite Modules (again all the same) and finally Frequencies. Every satellite has a different frequency set to a different Ground Station. You must set each satellite to the correct frequency while in the VAB. You can also launch Multiple satellites at the same time. But make sure your not setting the Frequencies while in Symmetry mode! Do not place Satellite cores down in Symmetry mode either or every time you change a frequency the others will change also!

Ground Stations

There are 6 ground stations added by mission controller. They split kerbin up into 4 quadrants on the equator and 2 quadrants on the poles. While a contract is active or available these GroundStations will show up in the map view via KSP FinePrint Icons. All ground stations are located in the same place and are named. While in flight you can see ground stations that are assigned to your contract in flightMode.


The science Contracts offered by Mission Controller consist of:


onization Scan of Orbit

You must load you vessel with the Mission Controller Part Ionization Chamber and launch a vessel to the Target Celestial body the contract requires. When you arrive in orbit you can conduct the Ionization Scan to complete the contract and get some Science! The scanner takes a little while to conduct its studies so just wait for the timer to run down and the contract will complete.


Land And Conduct Mass Spectrometry Analysis

You must build an Unmanned lander and place the mission controller Part Mass Spectrometry Tube and launch your vessel to the target celestial body and land. Once landed you can conduct a Mass Spectrometry Scan to finish the mission. the scanner takes a little while to conduct it's studies so just wait for the timer to run down and the contract will complete.

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One of the last parts that Mission Controller adds is what is called the Repair Panel. This panel is a required part for most Satellite type missions. Once enough satellites are in space satellites have a random chance of breaking. If this is the case a repair contract will pop up giving you an option to launch to the satellite and conduct repairs. All you need for these missions is an Engineer kerbal. Once you reach the satellite EVA your Engineer and head to the Repair panel that is attached to your Satellite or Station. Open it up and select the option to Test the system. After this is complete conduct repairs to finish the contract.

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Historic Contracts. (Can Be Turned Off)

Mission Controller has a wide range of Historical missions. If these types of missions are not what you want to do you can shut these off in the settings menu available from the Space Center overview screen. Just click the MCE Icon to open up the settings tab.


  • Vostok 1
  • Vostok 2
  • Voskhod 2
  • Tiros 1
  • Tiros 7
  • Tiros NOAA - N
  • Mariner 2
  • Mariner 4
  • Mariner 10
  • Voyager 1
  • Apollo Missions + Extended Duna Missions
  • Luna 2
  • Luna 16
  • Agena Target Vehicle
  • Agena Docking
  • Launch Of SkyLab
  • Expedition 1 To SkyLab
  • Expedition 2 To SkyLab
  • Expedition 3 To SkyLab



Contract Types

  • Single Delivery Satellite Contracts Using MCE Ground Stations.
  • 6 Satellite Network Contract Using MCE Ground Stations.
  • Science Contracts Ionazation and Mass Spectomety.
  • Repair Contracts (satellite and Station)
  • Historical Contracts. Covering Russian and American space programs.
  • Early Career Mode Contract.
  • In game custom contracts, satellite, crew transfer, cargo transfer and orbit  or landing.
  • MCE revert button.  Charges you % of ship cost for reverts.  
  • Communications Core: With Frequency Adjustment And Module Selection
  • Naviagtional Core: With Frequency Adjustment And Module Selection
  • Weather Core: With Frequency Adjustment and Module selection
  • Reasearch Core: With Frequency Adjustment and Module Selection
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I will not provide support if you don't follow these simple instructions.  To many mods out for KSP for me to be chasing things that might not be related to Mission Controller 2. 


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