DeepFreeze Continued...

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DeepFreeze Continued...

This mod provides the ability to freeze and thaw kerbals for those long space journeys.
Introduces glykerol resource used for freezing kerbals.
To freeze a kerbal you must have 5 glykerol units (configurable via part.cfg or settings menu) and 3000 electrical charge (configurable via part.cfg or settings menu) per kerbal.
To thaw a kerbal you must have 3000 electrical charge (configurable via part.cfg or settings menu) per kerbal.

This is the on-going release version of the original dev version of DeepFreeze by scottpalladin. Due to other commitments Scott has indicated to me that he has little time and unlikely to continue any mod work on KSP into the future and has given me permission and well wishes to continue the work.
As per the terms of the original license full credit to forum user scottpalladin PaladinLabs for the original concept, ideas and dev mod. The license continues under the same license conditions. The release version will be known as DeepFreeze Continued...

Uses:When kerbals are frozen they do not consume life support resources. If you don't use life support mods, this mod doesn't really do much, except provide a few cool parts and fairly useless feature.


  • Compatible with TAC Life Support, USI Life Support, Snacks! and Kerbalism.
  • Small 1.25M in-line CRY-0300 DeepFreezer for 1 kerbal (with animated internals, animated external doors, and TRANSPARENT doors - Yes see the Internals from the outside).
  • CRY-0300 has an on-board Glykerol tank which can store up to 10 units of Glykerol.
  • Medium 2.5M in-line CRY-1300 DeepFreezer for up to 3 kerbals (with animated internals).
  • CRY-1300 has an on-board Glykerol tank which can store up to 15 units of Glykerol.
  • Large 2.5M in-line CRY-2300 DeepFreezer for up to 10 kerbals (with animated internals).
  • CRY-2300 has an on-board Glykerol tank which can store up to 50 units of Glykerol.
  • RS-X20R radial glykerol tank for up to 20 units of extra glykerol storage.
  • Full featured GUI allowing you to see all frozen kerbals and freeze/thaw kerbals.
  • Kerbals can also be frozen/thawed via part right click menu.
  • Feature: ANIMATED CRYOPODS. Yes - Animated Cryopods! See for yourself. When you Freeze or Thaw from external view, you will see the Pod open/close in the portrait cameras. If you are in IVA/Internal mode when you freeze/thaw the camera will switch to an internal camera viewing the pod of the kerbal you are about to freeze/thaw. It will then animate open/close of the cryopod. Yes the internals change. All Rep to MerlinsMaster for his Amazing!! Internal modelling and texturing. You can switch around all the un-frozen kerbals seat cameras to take a look around.
  • Remote Tech is supported - Detects if RT is installed and if it is:-
    You cannot thaw kerbals unless you have active crew on-board or an active connection to your vessel if un-kerbal'd. When you attempt to freeze your last active crew on-board, you are given a warning that you will need an active crew on-board or active connection to thaw kerbals - you then have to click thaw a second time to confirm your action. You cannot modify KAC - DeepFreeze Continued Alarms unless your vessel is crewed or connected.
  • Provides monitoring capability of frozen kerbals at a cost of Electrical Charge. WARNING!! - use of this feature means kerbals will die if you run out of electrical charge if you set the fatal option to on. A non-fatal option is available. To use this feature you must change thesettings as the default for this feature is off. EC usage to keep kerbals alive NOW DOES (from V0.18) operate when vessel they are aboard is not the active vessel. But it will only drain up to 95% of your EC when you switch to the vessel without BackgroundProcessing installed. If you optionally install the BackgroundProcessing mod then EC usage is processed even if your vessel is NOT the active vesel. EC usage turns off for all vessels when timewarp is > 4x due to bugs in EC usage at high timewarp.
  • Temperature Checking function (switch on and off via config settings: RegTempReqd = true/false). If switched on the Freezer Part temperature must be < the RegTempFreeze value (in settings)to be able to freeze a kerbal. If switched on you must maintain the Freezer part temperature BELOW the RegTempMonitor (in settings) value. If you do not, then there is a good chance the freezer will fail and your kerbals WILL start dying if you have the EC fatal option turned on. If switched on Freezing/Thawing and Holding Frozen Kerbals will cause the freezer parts to produce Heat which you will then need to manage. - This function only operates on the active vessel as Temperature control on unloaded vessels is too risky in the current KSP version. If you wish to use this function, do so at your own risk.. (or rather the Kerbals) and use a heat control mod and parts like this one.
  • If that's not all, from Version 0.18 of DeepFreeze Continued... now includes Kerbal Alarm Clock (KAC) mod integration. If you have KAC installed you can bring up a list of all KAC alarms attached to the active vessel and assign DeepFreeze Thaw and Freeze events to the alarm. So when the alarm fires in KAC, DeepFreeze will automatically execute whatever Thaw and Freeze commands you have attached to that alarm. This ONLY works once the alarm fires and you switch to the vessel that these events are attached to (if it isn't already the active vessel). DeepFreeze will remember these commands forever and execute them once you switch to this vessel but keep reminding you to do so until you do switch to the vessel or you delete the alarm from within Deepfreeze (not KAC). If you also have Remote Tech mod installed you can only modify DeepFreeze alarm events if the associated vessel has a valid remote connection or a kerbal in command. DeepFreeze will however execute your alarms even if the vessel does not have a connection or kerbal in command as they are stored and executed by the on-board
  • computer.
  • RasterPropMonitor enabled light switches and door handle (for CRY-0300) and RPM Transparent Pod functionality (for CRY-0300).
  • Full integration and support of Ship Manifest mod by Papa_Joe. - There is a bug in SM with the latest release of DeepFreeze Continued... See the Release Notes.
  • Module Manager config file included for support of CLS mod supported by Papa_Joe.

For more information please refer to the new W.I.P. WIKI page.

CRY-300 - 1 Kerbal Freezer:

CRY-1300 - 3 Kerbal Freeze:


CRY-2300 - 10 Kerbal Freezer:

Known Issues:
Please report all issues/bugs/requests to github here

  1. When inside the CRY-0300 with the External Doors closed, if you zoom out strange camera effects mean the door is only partially visible.  
  2. When there is a Kerbal on the ladder in front of the CRY-0300 and the doors are open the Internal Overlays the kerbal and blocks them from view. This is actually an RPM - JSIAdvTransparentPods limitation for now.  
  3. The CRY-0300R has lost it's ability to show cool Window Freeze/Thawing animation effects.  

For Support Please ensure you are following these instructions.

Planned work/ideas:

  • Radial attached single kerbal freezer parts.
  • RPM enabled Cryopod Screens and buttons to control and Monitor DeepFreeze functions from Cryopods (possibly also Command pods).m
  • Extend Monitoring to include random maintenance/failure requirements for an Engineer to deal with.
  • ISRU refining of Glykerol.
  • Ensure compatibility with TACLS and any other LS mods. (Awaiting TACLS mod author to make changes, Snacks! and USI LS compatible already.)
  • Endurance Mod compatible Freezer part

For Other Modders:

Information for other mods to recognize Frozen Kerbals is provided via the included Interface file. More details for modders can be found here.

Full credit to the user known as ScottPalladin on the KSP forum for the original concept ideas and dev mod.
Full credit to the amazing modelling work done so far by MerlinsMaster.


If you like my mods and you want to show your support, then you can support me on Patreon:


Install Instructions:

  • Download.
  • Unzip into your Game install directory.
  • Dependencies (MUST also be installed for DeepFreeze Continued... to function):
    • Requires ModuleManager to be installed (this is no longer optional) -Included in this package.
    • Requires Community Resource Pack - Included in this package.CRP, and Community Resource Pack are (tm), and may not be used without permission. License for all configuration files is CC 4.0 BY SA NC
  • If you are upgrading from a previous Version of this mod please manually delete \GameDatREPOSoftTech\DeepFreeze before you install.

This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available.
Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent.
For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin

Optional *but highly recommended:

  • Highly Recommended to allow transparent CRY-0300 pod functions - but optional is JSI Advanced Transparent Pods.   
  • If you do not install JSI Advanced Transparent Pods than the CRY-0300 will act like the other parts and the External Doors will be disabled. With Raster Prop Monitor (RPM) installed the internal Props will work (light switches, External Door lever on the CRY-0300, and EC and glykerol read-outs).
  • Highly Recommended to allow background EC usage and monitoring - but optional is BackgroundProcessing. This is a link to my forked copy of JamesPicone's backgroundprocessing as he has not been on the forums since February. This link is to my forked copy of his mod until he provides a new download repository.
  • Kerbal Planetary Base Systems - Comes with the CRY-5000 DeepFreeze part for Base building and Freezing needs.
  • You probably want a Life Support Mod.
  • TAC LS is fully supported
  • Snacks!, USI LifeSupport, Interstellar Flight Inc. (IFI) are fully supported.
  • Kerbalism is fully supported.
  • Ship Manifest supported for crew transfers.
  • Kerbal Alarm Clock for all your timed DeepFreeze needs.
  • Or you can try any of the other life support mods currently available. Check the KSP Forums or the list available here.
  • CLS supported (with supplied config file).
  • Remote Tech is supported. See details in changelog. DeepFreeze respects Remote Tech connectivity for certain DeepFreeze functions to work.



Compile for KSP 1.2.2
Remove need for RSTKSPEvents and utilize new KSP 1.2.2 GameEvents extension.
Update Community Resource Pack to
Fix Issue when returning to vessel and EC usage has exhausted all EC in the vessel (and not using BackgroundProcessing mod).
Fix Bug where KAC Alarms GUI window fails if there is a KAC alarm of type "Crew"
Adjustments to internal code for 1.1.3 API changes for Crew Transfers.
Removed Glykerol Defintion from DeepFreeze distribution. Glykerol will now be defined as part of the Community Resource Pack (CRP) V0.5.4.0 and up.
So DeepFreeze is now dependent on CRP and includes CRP in it's distribution.
V0.22.2.0 "Bug Fixes"
Fixed bug with Icons not loading on Linux.
Efficiency clean-up on code modules (speed and memory use).
Fix bug where DeepFreeze is not maintaining and updating Vessel Information for Vessels with Freezer parts, causing Exceptions in the log and vessels not
appearing in the Vessel List in the DeepFreeze GUI window.
Moved Config.cfg file from Plugins to /Plugins/PluginData to prevent resetting Module Manager cache every time you change a setting.
V0.22.1.0 "KSP 1.1.2 Update"
Fixed portrait camera issues.
Fixed On-Screen messages for Kerbal Name when in Alternate - Cryopod Camera mode.
Fixed spacing (scroll lists) in the DeepFreeze GUI menus.
Fixed switching from Stock Toolbar Icon to Blizzy Toolbar Icon and back again.
Made Settings Menu resizable.
Added some more KSPedia pages - What do people want to see here? 

V0.22.0.0 "KSP 1.1 Turbo Charged! - Release" Added first-cut KSPedia Pages - this is really just testing out this feature and is a very rough first cut. Plans to expand and improve this. Support for NEW RPM - JSIAdvTransparentPods - no longer supports the OLD RPM TJSITransparentPods. You need RPM - JSITransparentPods V0.25.0 or above. Support for Kerbalism Mod. Minor Bugs (can live with): --------------------------- 1) When you freeze/thaw from internal cam (alternate camera) the camera loses the transform reference point at the end of the process. 2) When inside the CRY-0300 with the External Doors closed, if you zoom out strange camera effects mean the door is only partially visible. 3) The screen messages when in Cryopod-Camera mode are not showing all the kerbal's names. 4) When you change settings from Stock to Toolbar and change scenes, the toolbar appears, but stock button is still there. A restart or several scene  changes fixes it. 5) When there is a Kerbal on the ladder in front of the CRY-0300 and the doors are open the Internal Overlays the kerbal and blocks them from view. This is actually an RPM - JSIAdvTransparentPods bug. 6) The CRY-0300R has lost it's ability to show cool Window Freeze/Thawing animation effects. Issues with release: -------------------- Background Processing is not available under KSP 1.1. Unless the mod author updates it soon I will look to put my own EC background processing into DeepFreeze. For now if you are using EC usage the non-Background Processing method still works (it plays catch-up when you swith to the vessel). There is no version of TAC LS for KSP 1.1 - so it is not currently supported.

V0.21.0.2 "KSP 1.1 Experimentals build 1196"
V0.21.0.1 "KSP 1.1 First Cut Pre-Release"
Working in KSP 1.1 Experimentals build 1172. 
V0.20.4.0 "More Fixes"
Fixed bug when using EC for frozen kerbals is turned ON and BackgroundProcessor is not installed. When you switch back to a vessel after a long period of time and you don't
have enough EC to catch-up on the EC usage DeepFreeze was not correctly consuming 95% of remanining EC and was executing the Kill/Emergency Thaw procedure.
Fixed GUI when EC usage is on where the fields were not spanning the resizable window correctly.
Improved error handling for a spurious bug in Tracking Station that cannot be tracked down.
Removed DFInterface.DLL API. Wrapper API now provided for other Mods to interface to DeepFreeze.
Removed use of SMInterface.DLL API to interface to Ship Manifest. Replaced with Reflection Wrapper class. Requires Ship Manifest V5.0.1.0 or above.
Changed DEFAULT CLS setting for the CRY-0300 and CRY-0300R to be Passable (allowing unrestricted crew transfers), this is due to a known bug in CLS/Ship Manifest mods.
Will change this setting back once Papa_Joe fixes that bug in CLS/SM.
Earlier versions of Ship Manifest no longer supported.
Updated Mini-AVC included to newer version to stop log spam.
Added Community Tech Tree science node definitions (via Module Manager file, requires Module Manager).
Re-Factored a lot of code and utilities (Code Housekeeping).
V0.20.3.0 "bug Fixes"
Fixed bug when thawing some kerbals vessel where vessel reference transform was not set in some cases.
Modified debugging and error messages during thawing to assist easier bug hunting in the future.
V0.20.2.0 "Bug fixes"
Fixed null ref bug when vessels are destroyed.
Fixed null ref bug when KSP vessel list cannot be accessed.
Fixed null ref/NAN bug when revert to editor (from vessel with DeepFreeze part) and launch another vessel.
V0.20.1.0 "Bug fixes & Enhancements"
Fixed sound glitch/issue with CRY-0300R when attaching more than one in symmetry mode in the editor.
For Other Modder/Mods API interface re-written providing API via reflection class (no hard dependancy) - of no relevance to users.
[B]V0.20.0.0 "External Radial Pods"[/B]
Added new Radial External Cryopod - The CRY-0300R. A single kerbal Cryopod part that can be radially attached. The CRY-0300R also has an attach point at the top of the pod.
Great for adding radial pods to your vessel or inside a SpacePlane CargoBay! Fits inside the Mk-2 & Mk-3 Cargo bays, the part does clip through the base of cargo bays as it is 
primarily designed to attach to the outside of a curved part. However, if you get creative you can fit it into a Cargo bay using girders or octaganol struts.
The CRY-0300R supports RasterPropMonitor transparent pods (yes it's transparent if you have RPM installed).
The CRY-0300R also has an external EVA hatch. The CRY-0300R only weighs 0.87t (the full CRY-0300 weights 2.62t) and appears in the TechTree at spaceExploration (same as the CRY-0300).
This now completes the set of all the originally planned DeepFreeze parts.
MerlinsMaster has re-textured more details into all the Cryopods.
Fixed Pod transparency for the CRY-0300 (and the CRY-0300R) based on RPM transparency setting in flight and also now works in the Editor (VAB/SPH). However, due to the
complications of DeepFreeze parts transparency can either be ON or OFF (RPM AUTO setting is treated as Transparency OFF).
Fixed bug where the External Door Open/Close sound effect was not working for the CRY-0300.
Rationalis(z)ed all the part models and textures into one folder, as a lot of them are shared. This will save some memory. Thanks goes to khr15714n for kicking me into doing this as I have been meaning to for a while.
Due to this however, if you are upgrading from a previous version of DeepFreeze you MUST delete the /GameData/REPOSoftTech/DeepFreeze entirely BEFORE installing this version. If you want to save your DeepFreeze
settings make a backup/copy of /GameData/REPOSoftTech/DeepFreeze/Plugins/Config.cfg file BEFORE deleting your DeepFreeze folder then copy you backup/copy of this file
back into the /GameData/REPOSoftTech/DeepFreeze/Plugins folder once you have upgraded.
V0.19.3.0 "KSP 1.0.5"
re-compile for KSP 1.0.5.
V0.19.2.0 "Bug fixes & Enhancements"
Fix distribution to include missing Editor group icon from V0.19.0.0 that somehow got left out of V0.19.1.0.
Fix bug that V0.19.2.0 introduced that was causing invalid seat placements and
Add more robust checking of Seat placements for frozen kerbals to avoid bugs that have been occurring for some users.
Fix seat placement when a freeze/thaw process is aborted.
V0.19.1.0 "Bug fixes & Enhancements"   
Added comatose function for when EC or Heat options are ON and Fatal option is OFF. Now when you run out of EC or overheat with these options set kerbals will be emergency thawed
and become comatose (tourists) for a period of 5 minutes (can be changed in the settings menu).   
Fixed bug with new pop-up windows when EC is critical or overheat - this pop-up will now NOT appear if the active vessel is the vessel that has run out of EC or overheat.   
V0.19.0.0 "Bug fixes & Enhancements"
Added Fatal EC/Heat option. If this is ON kerbals will die if EC runs out or it gets too hot (if you are using the EC and Heat options). If this is OFF the Kerbals will be emergency thawed and become available again, and start consuming LS resources again. (to-do - expand this to perhaps make them unusable for a period of time due to emergency thaw effects, but not in this version) Default setting (for compatibility) is set to ON. - IE: running out of EC or over-heating will Kill kerbals. Added pop-up window when EC is critical for vessels that are not the active vessel and you can automatically switch to that vessel. Added flatline sound effect if kerbals die due to lack of EC or over temperature condition. Support for Texture Replacer V2.4.10, you MUST have this version (or above) of Texture Replacer installed. Thawed kerbals will no longer lose their customised texture settings. Support for RasterPropMonitor V0.23.0, you MUST have this version (or above) of RPM installed. Changed the Editor Icon for DeepFreeze parts category to use Snowflake/Freeze icon instead of EVA Kerbal (stock) icon. Added Engineer Info report check where there is a DeepFreeze Freezer attached that the vessel has 5 or more units of Glykerol available. Fixed Engineer report in editor so that DeepFreeze Freezers are now considered parts that use Glykerol and ElectricCharge. Fixed bug where ships docking/un-docking with frozen kerbals results in unable to thaw frozen kerbals. Fixed bug in new Internal Camera system when swapping to other DeepFreeze vessels that are in range the cameras do not move/update to the correct vessel. Fixed bug if you have multiple vessels in loaded range on initially switching to flight mode on one vessel, if you swap to a DeepFreeze equipped vessel (with DeepFreeze part) and you attempt to thaw a previously frozen kerbal, the thaw may not work or it will work but the kerbal is not visible on thawing. Fixed issue where a freeze/thaw is in progress and the player switches vessels. DeepFreeze will now abort any in-progress thaw/freeze in this case. Fixed NullReference bug in DFIntMemory with the internal cameras function.

V0.18.2.0 "Bug Fixes & Enhancements"    
ix Radial attachment points for CRY-0300 exclusion zones around the external doors. The CRY-0300 now correctly allows you to attach radial parts to the outside of it except for where the external doors are.    
There is a EVA Access point at the bottom of the external doors. If you block this with radial parts your EVA access will be blocked by KSP and you will get the "Hatch Obstructed" message.    
It is recommended you do not attach parts to the doors or the lower front section of the CRY-0300.    
Fix DeepFreeze partmodule to support re-use on non DeepFreeze parts. To use you must add partmodule to a crewable part but you must NOT have an internalmodel defined for that part.    
Refer to the WIKI page on how to configure your own parts (WARNING: No support will be provided for parts you have made yourself using this method).    
All Cryopods now have windows that freeze and thaw (as was our original intent) so they go transparent when empty or a thawed kerbal is seated, and they appear frozen when a frozen kerbal is within.       
You can now switch to Internal Cameras (same cameras used when in IVA and you freeze/thaw a Kerbal) using Modifier key (Windows this is ALT) and d key.    
Switch to the next Cryopod Internal Camera using the 'n' key. Switch to the previous Cryopod Internal Camera using the 'b' key.    
Press the 'c' or whatever key you have mapped to camera to switch back to IVA/Flight Camera mode.    
You can change the key settings in the \GameData\REPOSoftTech\DeepFreeze\Pluginf\Config.cfg file using a text editor (not available via the in-game settings menu).    
internalFrzrCamCode = 100 - this is the decimal ASCII code for the CameraMode Key, the default is 100 which is the 'd' key.    
internalNxtFrzrCamCode = 110 - this is decimal ASCII code for the Next Freezer Camera Key, the default is 110 which is the 'n' key.    
internalPrvFrzrCamCode = 98 - this is decimal ASCII code for the Previous Freezer Camera Key, the default is 98 which is the 'b' key.    
The numeric values are from the standard ASCII key code table    
Minor adjustments to the CRY-2300 and CRY-1300 Internal models.    
Tweaks to the animations - on vessel load pod window states are set immediately, before it used to run the animation loops. The same for when a freeze or thaw event fails.    
The Freeze and Thaw Process have been tweaked: On initiating a Freeze or Thaw process the Pod will first Charge the required EC before executing the freeze or thaw process.    
New sound effect for charging the Pod EC on Freeze and Thaw. Monitoring equipment sound effect when in IVA/Internal view mode.   


V0.18.1.0 "Small Freezer but huge changes" Bug-Fix Version
Fix GUI LastTimeUpdated field to stop tracking time when settings are changed to turn off ECreqd/Monitoring option.
Fix GUI Colours for EC monitoring, Temp Monitoring and LastTimeUpdated field.
Fix error accessing Kerbal Alarm Clock entries with invalid vessel id's (alarms not attached to vessels) and reduce log spam.
Fix Error in Texture assignments for models.
Fix error loading/saving cryopod states on part load/save.
Fix CRY-0300 transparency issue for some users.

V0.18.0.0 "Small Freezer but huge changes" Version
This Upgrade should not be SAVE game breaking. But as always, backup your Persisent save file before upgrading.  
If you are upgrading from a previous version it is recommended on first startup of your save game to switch to each existing vessel that has DeepFreeze Continued...    
parts attached for about 5 seconds to allow the mod to make updates to each part and save configuration details.
Please ensure you follow the download and install instructions. If you are using TAC LS you must re-download and apply my workaround fix DLLs from the link in the OP.  
Introducing the new 1 Kerbal DeepFreezer part. 1.25M part. It can hold 10 glykerol and one kerbal.  
This part has two unique features. It has External Doors that you can open and close IF and only IF you have RasterPropMonitor 0.22.1 (RPM) mod installed.  
If you have RPM installed not only can you open and close the external doors, but the internal IVA space is visible from the outside using RPM's transparentpods
feature. To use this feature you will need to install RasterPropMonitor mod and Module Manager mod (required for RPM and DeepFreeze).    
If you do not install these mods the CRY-0300 functions in the same way as the other freezer parts.    
Due to the external doors you cannot radially attach parts to the doors themselves. As this part is small (1.25M) it is configured to NOT be passable if you are
also using Connected Living Spaces mod.  

Implemented Background Electric Charge consumption if you have BackgroundProcessing Mod installed. This is ONLY applicable if you have the Consume ElectricCharge
option switched ON in settings.
If you do not have BackgroundProcessing Mod installed, Electric Charge consumption will stop when vessels are not the active vessel, but when you return to them the consumption calculation is made based on how long you were away from the vessel and up to 95% of your EC will be used. This gives you little time to recover and save your kerbals before your EC runs out. You can install BackgroundProcessing from this link:  
The choice is yours depending on what gameplay experience you want.  
Unfortunately I have not implemented background Temperature processing yet as I haven't figured out if this is even possible with an unloaded vessel yet.    
It appears that it can't be done, but I can and have been proven wrong on lots of things. :)  
DeepFreeze has it's own rough calculation processing that it does on all unloaded vessels to calculate when it thinks the vessel will run out of EC and updates the DeepFreeze GUI accordingly.  

If that's not all, DeepFreeze Continued... now includes Kerbal Alarm Clock (KAC) mod integration. If you have KAC installed you can bring up a list of all KAC
alarms attached to the active vessel and assign DeepFreeze Thaw and Freeze events to the alarm. So when the alarm fires in KAC DeepFreeze will automatically
execute whatever Thaw and Freeze commands you have attached to that alarm. This ONLY works once the alarm fires and you switch to the vessel that these events
are attached to (if it isn't already the active vessel). DeepFreeze will remember these commands forever and execute them once you switch to this vessel but keep
reminding you to do so until you do switch to the vessel or you delete the alarm events from within Deepfreeze (not KAC).    
If you also have Remote Tech mod installed you can only modify DeepFreeze alarm events if the associated vessel has a valid remote connection or a kerbal in command.
DeepFreeze will however execute your alarms even if the vessel does not have a connection or kerbal in command as they are stored and executed by the on-board
computer. :)  

Fixed internal model/part orientation bug with the CRY-2300 internal showing in the portrait cameras of attached parts that also had crew.  
Deprecated the original CRY-2300 Part (which was inherited from ScottPaladin), and replaced it with a renamed part.
This is in order to rename the part as it is known internally to KSP in or der to align with the new parts.    This means that in sandbox mode you will noticed TWO CRY-2300 parts (one of which is marked as Deprecated). Please DO NOT create new vessels using this part and it is recommended that all in-flight vessels using this part complete their missions. The deprecated part will be deleted in coming versions.  The deprecated part does not appear in career mode, but it will continue to function for all in-flight vessels using the old part.  
For those that have no in-flight vessels with a CRY-2300 part attached you can delete the deprecated part from your install by deleting the file:-  

Added DeepFreeze Parts Filter category to filter and show Deepfreeze parts in the VAB/SPH.  - There is now an icon to filter and show DeepFreeze Continued... parts.
Added REPOSoftTech Agency configuration and logo/flag.  
ReFactored RemoteTech Integration -if you have R/T installed and the vessel has no active connection:-  
    Kerbal Thaw/Freeze events will not appear in part right-click menu    
    Thaw/Freeze icons are disabled in the DeepFreeze GUI  
    You are unable to Modify KAC alarms (but existing alarms will still execute)  
KNOWN ISSUE: RemoteTech seems to not report connectivity correctly for vessels so the DeepFreeze GUI is only showing what RemoteTech tells it with regard to connectivity, this is not
a DeepFreeze bug.  
REPOSoftTech Agency and flag added.  
Minor adjustments to internal model glitches and textures on the CRY-2300 and CRY-1300.  
New Cryopod model - moved the Status screen on the pods from the bottom of the pods to the top of the pods, so that they are visible when the pod doors are open or closed (before they were obscured when the doors were open). This is in advance of future update to make these screens actually show real data (currently they are a dummy mocked up screen).  
All Internals now have light switches on the walls (requires RPM to be installed).  
The CRY-0300 has an Internal Door Handle that will operate the external door from the inside (requires RPM to be installed).  
Incorporate Alternate Resource Panel Glykerol icon and specific heat capacity adjustment of Glykerol. - Thanks to KSP forum user Olympic1 for this.  
Fixed description for CRY-1300 in Editor. - Thanks to KSP Forum user Olympic1 for this.  
Added all missing DeepFreeze information from the Freezer parts context (right-click) menu.  
Added partname to the IVA camera mode Kerbal info messages.  
Moved KSC DeepFreeze messages to bottom right side of screen as they were always obscured by the Vessel/Crew/Science recovery pop-up.  
GUI improvements and information display when EC usage/monitoring and Temperature usage/monitoring are switched on.  
Re-balanced part costs and Science nodes.  
    CRY-0300 can be found in the Space Exploration node for entry cost 8,000 and 4,000 per part.  
    CRY-1300 remains in Specialized Construction , entry cost remains at 12,400 but part cost increased to 6,000 per part.  
    CRY-2300 remains in Advanced Metalworks but entry cost is no 16,000 and part cost is now 8,000 per part.  
    The Radial Glykerol tank reamins in Specialized Constructions but entry cost is now 3,000 and part cost is 500 per part.  
The Glykerol Radial Tank now holds 25 units of Glykerol.  

V0.17.1.0 "Medium Freezer" Version
Introducing the New CRY-1300 3-Kerbal capacity 2.5M Freezer part (hitchhiker sized).  
Contains 3 DeepFreeze Cryogenic Cryopods and a Glykerol Tank (capacity 15 Glykerol units).  
New Part at specialized Construction in TechTree.  
Moved Cry-2300 10 kerbal Freezer to advanced Metalworks in TechTree.  Re-factored Parts Directories, if upgrading please Delete \GameData\REPOSoftTech\DeepFreeeze
before installing.  
V0.17.0.0 "Animated Cryopods" Version

Finalization of the Large Internal, and set-up for all the up-coming parts (as they will use the same base code and animations).  
Yes - Animated Cryopods! See for yourself. When you Freeze or Thaw from external view, you will see the Pod open/close in the portrait cameras.  
If you are in IVA/Internal mode when you freeze/thaw the camera will switch to an internal camera viewing the pod of the kerbal you are about to freeze/thaw.  
It will then animate open/close of the cryopod. This is in place of kicking you out to flight view and removing/replacing the Cryopod windows (which it was doing in previous version).  
Fixed Issue with USI LifeSupport consuming resources on thaw of kerbals. DeepFreeze will detect if USI LS is installed and remove tracking in USI LS for kerbals when they are frozen.  (Same Issue as TAC LS, but can fix this one in DeepFreeze without waiting for author of other mod to change).  
Fixed attach point for the external Glykerol Tank.  
Changed the Cry-2300 Internal Glykerol tank to store 50units of Glykerol (instead of 40). This allows you to Freeze 10 kerbals (the part capacity) ONCE without the need for external tanks.  
Converted all textures to DDS format.  
V0.16.0.3 Support KSP 1.0.4
Added the following fields to the Settings file (settings menu in space center).   This is NOT save game breaking if upgrading from and up.
heatamtMonitoringFrznKerbals - this is the amount of heat in Kilowatts generated per herbal to run the monitoring equipment. Is only relevant is xxxx is set to on.  
heatamtThawFreezeKerbal - is the amount of heat in Kilowatts generated per second when thawing or freezing a kerbal. Is only relevant if xxx is set to ON.heatamtThawFreezeKerbalDon't forget the new heat system in KSP, the amount of kW of heat is proportionate to the part's thermal mass.
This WILL create an issue for anyone who has been using these features in the previous versions. You may notice the first time you switch to a freezer equiped vessel that previously had EC usage or heat generation switched on that it will instantly use up 95% of your EC. So be prepared.  
This change will ensure tracking of the last time checked is correct. The down-side is that due to no EC consumption or heat generation during high timewarp or
when the vessel is not the active vessel that when you return to that vessel a spike in usage will occur.  
Future versions to address this by providing monitoring and warning of EC usage and heat generation for all vessels including inactive vessels.  
Added Messages in the bottom right corner of the screen when you are IVA mode displaying the current Kerbal's name and Crypod number.  
Pick-up new Ship Manifest Interface DLL and corrected bug if transferring crew into a freezer that is full of frozen kerbals.  
Fixed Pod Numbers in internal model to be correctly numbered.
V0.16.0.2 Support KSP 1.0.3
Support for KSP 1.0.3.
Expanded and enhanced API for other mods to use and integrate into DeepFreeze.  
If you are also using my work-around TACLS DLLs you must  
a) install the current version of TACLS  
b) then re-download and install my work-around DLLs from here  
c) click the link and then click "view raw" to download the file.  
d) Then unzip the two DLLs into your TACLS directory for KSP 1.0.3 and replace existing files.  '

V0.16.0.0 Full IVA implemented. and a few more things, like:-
IVA portrait cameras now correctly update when you thaw and xfer kerbals. Did I mention portrait cameras? Oh wait - IVA Internal texturing now completed for Large Freezer.
All Praise to MerlinsMaster for his Amazing!! Internal modelling and texturing. So now the portrait cameras will correctly display thawed (Crewed?) crew and Frozen crew. In Internal IVA mode you cannot switch the camera to frozen kerbals. They're frozen! and their eyes don't work. You can switch around all the un-frozen kerbals seat cameras to take a look around. If you attempt to freeze a kerbal while in IVA mode the camera will automatically switch back to Flight mode. This is because the Kerbals want privacy while they get frozen.  
Snacks! - Vessel Supply screen now correctly updates to reflect number of active crew on-board.  
TAC LS - You still have to use my workaround re-build of TAC LS here.  
Remote Tech is now supported.  
Finally fixed Crew Xfers and seat allocations for frozen kerbals correctly.  
Added Temperature Checking function.  
Fixed the on-going ElectricCharge function. If you run out of ElectricCharge the freezer systems will go critical.  
A countdown timer will commence and when it finishes if you have not restored charge all your frozen Kerbals will DIE!!  
Updated the DeepFreeze GUI to include monitoring section for Temperature and EC if you have switched them on in the settings.  
Updated GUI to include scrollbars.  
Part config file changes (see descriptions above).
Config/Settings file changes (see descriptions above).
Now has a Config/Settings Window at the SpaceCenter that allows you to change the following config file settings from in-game.
To access bring up the Deepfreeze Window at the Space Center by clicking the DeepFreeze App Icon and then click "settings" at the bottom of the window.

V0.15.0.5 Initial full release of DeepFreeze Continued...
Changes since Dev version -.14.3 include, but not limited to:-
New Radial Attached Glykerol tank. Glykerol storage inside the large DeepFreeze part reduced from 100 to 40 units.
New IVA in place, Needs finalization of the model and textures added - next version.
Ship Manifest support (using new interface supplied by Papa_Joe) and crew transfers working correctly (Kerbals not getting shoved into lockers any more).
Added a API for future other mod (such as life support mods) support.
GUI changes and tweaks. - Tracks kerbals per vessel, includes vesselname in GUI. GUI can be resized and dragged, includes close button.
Can now optionally change config file to automatically recover kerbals or not on vessel recovery (at a cost).
Added config file parameters.
Lots more bugs squashed.
Moved the install directory from GameData\PalladinLabs\DeepFreeze to GameData\REPOSoftTech\DeepFreeze

Sound files remixed from the following sources:
Tymaue -
KomradeJack -
AlaskaRobotics -
JohnsonBrandediting -
Oddworld -

Benboncan -
Halleck -

nli2work on KSP forum - Internal door handle model and light switch model.

JPLRepo : Plugin design and development, C# coding, Implementation and releases.
MerlinsMaster : Graphic design, 3D Models, textures.




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