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For current info, weapon requests, issues, and questions head over to the NSI BDArmory Weapons Extension forum link and let me know.


 Source code is included in download.


All translations by Next Star Industries. Fully translated from English to French, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, German, Japanese, Czech and Simplified Chinese.


version 1.9 - Started balancing for career mode.
Fixed issue with particle effects displaying in the editor.
Modified Honest John missiles. There are now 3 versions the original Honest John, the Improved Honest John, and a fictional longer range(100KM is the max distance ATM) GPS guided version of the original. Note: Don't use LR weapons beyond 95 km the physics break and weapons do strange things, until BDAc 1.0 is released I HAVE NO INFO OR ETA ON BDAc's NEXT UPDATE I'm not a part of the BDA team.
Added more soundfx for explosions.
New models and textures for most weapons. Textures are in .png format. Models are much higher poly count now. Please inform me of any major performance impacts so I can adjust counts to work across as many machines as possible.
New formulas for blastPower and blastHeat(explained in the config files) they should be pretty accurate to real life now. Weapons are configured to use the real RDX explosive numbers for NSI's conventional weapons.
New MK8x series casings. They are now simulating pre-fragmented casings, which increases their blastRadius by almost double.
Added Sonic Boombox it creates a sonic boom sound effect when going in/out of the sound barrier(WIP) Need on/off check in code. If traveling at constant speed the clip keeps playing(very annoying). Doesn't work if acceleration is to high, skips past it.
Updating localisation dictionary for new weapons and descriptions.
Added R23r, R27r, R33, R37(WIP),R60, and R73 AA missiles.(WIP config files may need adjusting)


Vessel Mover can be downloaded from here. 

BDArmoryContinued is required  you can get it here.

Physics Range Extender is required by BDAc you can get it here.

Module Manager is required.