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Last Updated: Oct 11, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0


Dec 20, 2014

Owner: Kaliel

Improved Blizzard Objective Tracker


  • Change tracker position
  • Expand/collapse tracker relative to selected position (direction)
  • Auto set tracker height by content with max. height limit
  • Scrolling when content is greater than max. height
  • Remember collapsed tracker after logout/exit game
  • Filtering Quests/Achievements
  • Quest Item buttons are supported! (see below)
  • Quest Item button for CLOSEST quest show as Extra Action Button! [Beta] (see below)
  • Modules order inside the tracker, supported all modules including PetTracker. [Beta]
  • Change tracker background and border
  • Change tracker text font, size, flag and shadow
  • Colored tracked item titles
  • Colored tracked item objectives (in progress, completed)
  • Quest names with tags - quest level, type, frequency
  • Auto expand tracker when something track
  • Show Quest and Achievement tooltips
  • Auto hide tracker when empty
  • Auto collapse tracker when entering an instance
  • Bind key to expand/collapse the tracker
  • ... and other fixes and improvements

Quest item buttons support


Because Blizzard doesn't allow to work with the action buttons in the default UI, buttons are located outside tracker and quests in the tracker have tags with a number that is the appropriate button. For better orientation highlight quest title and button tag when hover associated button.

Active button [Beta]

For a better use of quest items, I've added a feature Active button. As you approach the place of performance of the quest activates the Extra Action Button with quest item (like Draenor zone ability).
Main features:

  • Auto show quest item button for CLOSEST quest.
  • Bind key to use quest item (button uses the same key bind as the Extra Action Button).
  • The button is movable using some addons (e.g. Bartender4, MoveAnything). For position change, move "Extra Action Button" resp. "Extra Action Bar".

Supported types of tracked content

  • Classic quests
  • Popup quests from environment
  • World quests
  • Zone bonus quests
  • Achievements
  • Dungeon objectives
  • Dungeon Challenge mode objectives and timer
  • Scenario objectives

Known issues

  • Work with World Map during combat generates LUA errors. This is because World Map was changed to Secure frame in Legion and use some functions from the tracker. These errors I will not fix - it's not possible!

Supported addons

  • Masque v7.3.0 - support skinning for quest item buttons
  • PetTracker v7.1.4 - full support zone pet tracking [Beta]
  • TomTom v70200-1.0.0 - support for add/remove quest waypoints [Beta]

Tested / Supported UIs

Bugs or Feature requests

For reporting please use Tickets instead of Comments on Curse.com.

To the description of a new ticket, please insert the following information:

  • Kaliel's Tracker version (number),
  • User interface (e.g. ElvUI) and version,
  • Addon(s) in collision,
  • WoW language,
  • Character class,
  • Error log (if it exists).

Before reporting of errors, please deactivate other addons and make sure the bug is not caused by a collision with another addon.


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