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Azeroth Adventure Kit - Narcissus(BETA)


Thank you for taking an interest in my new project. Any feedback, advice is welcomed! But before you start, please read the following guides.

Lines that marked with [BETA] indicate the following design is temporary.


1. How to use it for Xmog presentation

2. Changes related to Xmog in 1.0.3

See the Latest Patch notes


Fixes two major issues:

  • Unable to open the addon on certain races.
  • Entering Xmog Mode shows Lua errors due to wearing specific equipment.



  • Addressed an issue that caused an unintended increase in auto follow duration.
  • The camera will no longer be rotated to the front of your character when you open Narcissus while moving or mounting.
  • If you have the auto-follow feature enabled, your camera distance will be restored after exiting the addon.

Equipment Slots

  • You can once again use an item via right-click. Equipment slots will be immediately closed when entering combat.
  • You can unequip a gear via Alt + Left-click. This action has been there since the very first version, and it now has visual feedback.

Mini-map Button

  • The mini-map button can now be hidden correctly.


Bug fixes:

1. Your MSAA settings can be properly saved.

2. Nameplates no longer go missing.


New Feature:

1. More customization

2. Upgraded Model control pane



1. Camera optimization for druid

2. The default position of the 3D model has been adjusted.



Bugs fixed

  • In the previous versions, the equipment slots cannot be fully hidden during combat. It's because any button that can be used to use an item or cast a spell, is not allowed to be hidden automatically during combat lockdown. So with 1.0.2, you can no longer use the item via right-clicking the slot button in Narcissus, nor open Narcissus during combat. But you will be able to properly close the addon when you are in combat.
  • The double-tap feature is now optional. Its time interval has been greatly reduced so you might want to give it another chance.

New Features

    • Xmog: New compact xmog mode. Set animations.


  • Preference Panel: Set bindings and adjust font size and scale.
  • MSAA Slider: Temporarily increase the anti-aliasing level.


Camera-related Updates

  • Camera auto-follow issue has been resolved. In its previous version, Narcissus temporarily saves your view in View #5 when the addon is called so that your camera position can be restored later. But the thing is using a custom view causes the auto-follow dysfunction. So the work-around is:
    1. Those who have already disabled the auto-follow feature, your camera can be restored to its previous location.
    2. Those who enable the feature, your camera will be reset to a game pre-defined position with auto-follow intact. Kudos to Deathbox from Reddit for finding this remedy.
  • If you think you're having camera-related trouble or the rest of the Blizzard UI cannot be shown after pressing Alt + Z, Middle-click the minimap button or Photo Mode button to reset everything.
  • When the addon is activated, a special camera profile will be applied. So your character will roughly stay at the same position on your screen while zooming in/out. This profile is adjusted by each race and gender, and also takes worgen’s two forms into consideration.
  • The 3D portrait shown in the transmog mode has been re-calibrated. And the helmet on that model is removed to avoid weird clipping.


New Features

  • Considering you might prefer to paste the screenshot directly from the clipboard rather than using the images within wow/screenshots folder, the Photo Mode toolbar on the bottom left will now hide itself once your cursor is moved out from specific area.
  • Double tap the same hotkey that you've set for the old character panel.
  • Customize the lighting of your dressing room model.
  • New Title Manager allows you to sort your titles by category and rarity. Mouse over a known title and its source will pop out.


  • Change the displayed name for anonymity or role play.
  • Enchant is now displayed on the slot border. (support enchants from LEG and BFA).
  • Grain effect is a toggle now and is set to “disabled” by default.


Bug Fixes

  • No longer disable ActionCam after closing the addon.
  • Gametooltips will not pop out unintentionally when the addon is active.
  • Your Cyrillic name now displays properly.
  • Music volume can be adjusted again after opening the addon.

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What Is This Addon?

Narcissus is an innovative character’s equipment frame (paper doll) which is designed for presenting your toon in a unique way and, most of all, providing an immersive game experience.


Notice that this add-on is not a substitute for the conventional paper doll, it creates a completely independent frame. It means you can still use the old one at any time you want, and it is compatible with other UI addons like AzeriteUI, ElvUI.


How Do I Use It?

[BETA]Open Narcissus by left-clicking its mini-map button, or use slash command /narci, or double tap the same hotkey that you've set for the old character panel (its default key is C ).


Then you will see the UI as shown below:

 Press ESC to close

Equipment Slot Gestures

  • Left-click: Open or close equipment comparison frame.
  • Alt+Left-click: Unequip this slot.
  • Alt+Mouseover: Open equipment comparison frame. Unlike the first gesture, this frame will be closed once the Alt Key is released.
  • Right-click: Use this item (if possible). Removed in 1.0.2



PhoteMode Toolbar

This toolbar will automatically be hidden when you take a screenshot, which means this widget will not be visible in the images in your WoW Screenshots folder.

Left-click the Camera icon to open the toolbar. Hover your cursor above the toolbar, then scroll down/up to switch between two toolbars.


Toolbar 1:

  • Transmog Mode: Replace all slots with the items you used for transmogrification.
  • Do Emote: Do emote with unique animations.
  • Hide Texts: Temporarily hide all creatures’ names, damage texts, chat bubbles.
  • Top Quality: Temporarily set every graphics quality to its maximum.



Thanks for watching! Feel free to contact me on Twitter @Peterdox


See more screenshots

Transmog Mode Layout: Texts and Player's Model


Transmog Mode Layout: Texts only


Transmog Mode: Copy texts




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