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Last Updated: Jun 21, 2018 Game Version: 7.3.5


Oct 21, 2017

Owner: Breen

A quest journal that shows your progress within quest chains in a simple and easy to follow manner, showing not only your current quest but also all the future quests in the line, how they all connect and other quest lines they lead to or require.


Currently supported quest lines are as follows:

  • Balance of Power
  • Light's Heart
  • Artifact Acquisition and Empowerment
  • Class Campaigns
  • 7.2 Follower campaigns and class mounts
  • All 5 chapters of Azsuna
  • All 7 chapters of Val'Sharah
  • All 7 chapters of Hightmountain
  • All 8 chapters of Stormheim
  • All 11 chapters of Suramar as well as Insurrection
  • Most of the Broken Shore quest lines
  • Most of the Argus quest lines
  • Profession quest lines

There is now an alpha build with some initial quest chains for Classic, special thanks to Chipzz for helping out.

Slash Commands

  • /btwquests - Show/hide the main UI
  • /btwquests minimap - Show/hide the minimap icon


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