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DropDown menu for non-Blizzard addons (WoW 8.0 compatible)

Developed and tested on project Kaliel's Tracker.

Context menu example      Drop down example

WoW 8.0 info

Now without these errors: Deferred XML Node object named ..... already exists

Why this Lib?

Default Blizzard UIDropDownMenu functions are sometimes used inside protected frames and therefore usage UIDropDownMenu in non-Blizzard addons then causes taints.

Taints generate:
- Alert popups
  Taint alert
- LUA errors
  1x [ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN] AddOn 'SomeAddon' tried to call the protected function 'SomeFunction()'.
- and stops processing of functions from protected frames.

Who uses this Lib?

See Relations > Dependents
If you use this library, please mark it as a related project for your addon.


MSA-DropDownMenu Documentation


- Skinning from User Interface addons - supported only ElvUITukui and Aurora (partially).

Bugs or Feature requests

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