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1.9M Downloads Updated Dec 9, 2020 Created Apr 1, 2016

Hunter module for MaxDps addon

523K Downloads Updated Mar 8, 2021 Created Sep 15, 2018

Hunter ability rotation aid, class module.

60K Downloads Updated Apr 25, 2021 Created Jul 28, 2020

Bugfixed version of Weapon Swing Timer by LeftHandedGlove specifically for the hunter timer

88.8K Downloads Updated May 11, 2021 Created Dec 1, 2019

A classic tranqshot rotation assistant

1.4M Downloads Updated Mar 12, 2021 Created Jan 26, 2007

Add some bars for casting of totems/traps, with timers showing the remaining life time of...


  By   Heda
1.4M Downloads Updated May 4, 2021 Created Apr 18, 2011

DPS priorities for classes and specs that I play.

35.8K Downloads Updated Feb 24, 2021 Created Sep 24, 2020

Addon for hunters to track down any pet in WoW!

63.6K Downloads Updated Apr 1, 2021 Created Sep 14, 2018

Look who casted lust on your group

494K Downloads Updated Mar 12, 2021 Created Apr 15, 2006

Kharthus's Hunter Timers

52.6K Downloads Updated Dec 14, 2020 Created Feb 8, 2019

Displays the bushes that Lightning Paw may hide in.

277K Downloads Updated Jan 10, 2017 Created Oct 27, 2014

Hunter Pets

81.8K Downloads Updated Nov 12, 2019 Created Aug 31, 2019

Hunter ability rotation aid, class module for Classic WoW

71.7K Downloads Updated Dec 12, 2020 Created Jun 11, 2011

Puts all of your stabled pets on one page instead of two.

336K Downloads Updated Mar 12, 2021 Created Dec 14, 2006

Add an aspect bar similar to the paladin's aura bar

104K Downloads Updated Sep 11, 2016 Created Sep 11, 2016

HandyNotes plugin for Hunters which shows Eagle Flight Network flight path locations on the world...

2.4M Downloads Updated Mar 9, 2015 Created May 1, 2012

Replaces Blizzard's default proc highlighting to flash a maximum dps rotation.

28.6K Downloads Updated Dec 8, 2020 Created Sep 8, 2019

WoW Classic tracking minimap menu

24.6K Downloads Updated Dec 13, 2019 Created Oct 16, 2019

Adds Aimed Shot and Multi-Shot to the default cast bar

63.3K Downloads Updated Apr 18, 2021 Created Jun 17, 2012

Allows you to send emotes from Hunter, Warlock, Death Knight and Mage pets.

11.1K Downloads Updated May 1, 2020 Created Jan 6, 2020

ClassicHunterPetInfo provides Hunters with useful and additional tooltip information about hunter pets