RestedXP Guide

280,080 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 20, 2022 Game Version: 1.14.3   +1

RestedXP is a Classic WoW addon made for leveling guides, profession guides with accompanying routes.

The addon includes automatic progresses such as training, spells, flying, accepting quests, turning in quests, and much more.

The guide itself will show a list of steps that needs to be completed along with cordinates that will lead you to your next location.

RestedXP has it's own 1-30 & 58-60 leveling routes (TBC), 1-20 (Vanilla), AND Gathering Profession leveling (1-375) and farming for BOTH Horde & Alliance preinstalled!

For anyone interested in creating their own routes, this is the addon for you! With RestedXP's sister addon, GuideCreator, you can automatically create your own leveling route as you play!
If you wish to create your own guides using this platform you can check out this article:


You can type /RXP or /RXPG ingame to open the addon interface.

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