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MC-PLUS originally started out in November 2017 as a simple hobby project meant just for me and nobody else. But after i realised just how much time, patience and sometimes even frustration it took out of me, i decided it would be unworthy to keep this modpack private. As of November 2019 this project recently reached a point where i can safely consider this a finished product that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Ever since the early days of Minecraft Beta 1.8.1 i always had a habit of creating small modpacks just for me, and around 8-9 years later, 1.12.2 finally became the version where i can truly visualize how i always wanted Minecraft to be and finally share it with you guys! And all of that thanks to this great modding community. Seriously, you all are awesome!


Now, what is this Modpack all about?

Basically, it's like vanilla Minecraft with more of everything. I chose very carefully which mods fit well within the vanilla gameplay and its overall feel, without completely destroying what made Minecraft great in the first place, or in some cases make a completely different game than Minecraft.

Everything added in MC-PLUS is built around the core vanilla gameplay, which means there aren't many new game mechanics or features, but rather the already existing stuff is hugely expanded upon.
You have things like the randomized quality system which is heavily inspired by Terraria. This offers you many different playstyles/roles like becoming a tank, a glass cannon, a nimble assassin, an archer, a specialized miner, a builder, or just go really fast and jump really high. It's entirely up to you how you want to play, provided you're lucky enough with the qualities you get, they're completely random!

For the players who really love going mining and exploring, there's a lot of new stuff to find! There's just enough new ores to not overwhelm you, some even have special properties. You will also find cave biomes underground and underwater caves in ocean biomes. And if you're not into mining, there's always overworld exploration which can be just as exciting and rewarding as going to caves and mining ores. You'll find many new biomes, structures, dungeons and other things like dragon nests just waiting there for you to get explored and looted!
The way worlds are generated is very different too. Now each world generates in huge continents surrounded by an universal ocean. (Don't worry, the distance between each continent isn't really far.)

There are also TONS of new mobs, some of which could be your worst nightmare or your best friend.

MC-PLUS is quite scalable in its difficulty too. So if you're new to modded Minecraft i recommend playing on Easy or Normal difficulty, while the more seasoned players should definitely play in hard difficulty.
Things will still hit you hard in Normal difficulty however but nowhere near as much as in Hard difficulty. MC-PLUS provides you many ways to become much stronger than in the actual vanilla Minecraft, which balances out the powerful mobs quite well i think.


Since this is a vanilla-styled modpack were talking about here, that also means there's absolutely NO TECH, NO MAGIC, NO RESEARCHING AND NO OVERCOMPLICATED FARMING & PROCESSING mods! There are also NO QUESTS! If you're looking for a modpack that has any of the mentioned features, then this ISN'T the modpack for you!

"But how do i know just what the heck i'm supposed to do without quests?!?"

MC-PLUS doesn't require quests or a guide, since the main purpose of this modpack is to make Vanilla more interesting and fun again. I feel like there isn't much of a point in adding quests or a guide if the gameplay is essentially just a more expansive vanilla. Heck, there aren't even new dimensions or bosses (Besides something like Dragons, Cyclops, etc.).
Like vanilla, you set your own goals. You simply have more ways of achieving those goals while also having to deal with a bit more stuff working either with you or against you.


MC-PLUS is simple enough to understand without having to resort on external help. Though if you're still unsure whether this modpack is something for you, feel free to watch this introduction video i made. It doesn't go much into detail, but it explains and shows most of the major additions and changes included (Beware that this video is quite outdated.)


These are the mods that i think are the defining factors for MC-PLUS. Most of the configuration work i've put in MC-PLUS comes from them:

  • Quality Tools (I have no clue how many qualities i've added, but there are at least 1000 lines of code per category just for qualities)
  • Simple Ores (One thing Minecraft's underground always lacked since the beginning. I've reworked some of them for the nether)
  • Rough Mobs Revamped (Makes the game extra-hard. Without this MC-PLUS would be way too easy if you happen to have god equipment.)
  • Bountiful (I have added way too many bounties tbh. They give you lots os stuff to do like hunting specific mobs or delivering items.)
  • Quark & Charm (They have so many small features that listing them here would make up more than half of this description page.)
  • Climatic Biomes (Completely overhauls the way worlds are generated. Also speeds up terrain generation tremendously!)
  • Fish's Undead Rising (Because without more mobs, fighting and exploring wouldn't be as exciting.)
  • Material Changer (Without this, some equipment would be too op. I also changed some vanilla materials to work better with mod materials)
  • Ice and Fire (I spent so much time tweaking and balancing this mod, so it should be challenging but still fair unlike in that one famous modpack...)


There are some more hidden features and tweaks, some of which come from either Quark or Charm mod, which not everyone will figure out or know about. If you're curious about these features i'm gonna list some of them here in this spoiler:

- Emeralds can be used on the reforging station to reforge literally any tool, armor or bauble that can get qualities, however you can still use the main crafting material (Things like Iron Ingots, Leather, etc.) if you're short on emeralds.

- If you combine an item with its golden version on an anvil it will reduce the exp repair costs by 3 levels. (Still costs 3 levels to do so)

- Mending books are now used for resetting the anvil repair costs for a single item. It no longer repairs the item when you collect experience orbs.

- Golden Tools have been made even faster and have a bit more durability.

- Combine the Totem of Returning with a clock on an anvil to increase the totem's number of uses.

- Totem of recalling teleports to your bed while totem of returning can be bound to where you're currently standing with right click. Right click again to tp.

- Wearing leather armor will keep you completely invisible while having invisibility effect.

- Mythril ore has the highest enchantability of all ores but is still a bit weaker than diamond.

- Adamantium ore is very fast and durable but has lowest enchantability of all tools

- Onyx is the strongest of them all but each of it's stats are overall pretty balanced

- You can tame foxhounds with coal

- Shulker boxes can be worn in your Baubles Body slot

- If you hold an emerald block, villagers will follow you.

- Villager trades are now infinite. They no longer get locked after trading it multiple times.

- You can mine monster spawners if your pickaxe has silk touch.


Requirements to play:


- Minimum of 3GB RAM. Recommended are 4GB

- A launcher if you don't want to spend hours downloading each mod seperately and install configs, etc. manually. Use either the Twitch App or MultiMC.

If you use the Twitch App, make sure to still launch Minecraft with it's default launcher, not the Launcher from Twitch. (It never worked for me)


Use these JVM Arguments in your Minecraft Launcher to get the best results:

-Xmx4G -XX:+UseG1GC -Dsun.rmi.dgc.server.gcInterval=2147483646 -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:G1NewSizePercent=20 -XX:G1ReservePercent=20 -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=50 -XX:G1HeapRegionSize=32M

You might want to adjust -Xmx4G to fit your setup. If you only want to allocate 3GB of RAM for Minecraft, change it to -Xmx3G


Recommendations if you have low fps:


OptiFine (This modpack works pretty much flawlessly with OptiFine and i recommend it even if you have a beefy PC, since it gives you more control on graphic settings, allows the use of shaders and more advanced resource pack features)

BetterFPS (Improves performance. Seems a bit unstable, so only use it if you have a very slow PC. I don't take responsibility for bugs if you use it!)

VanillaFix (Improves performance a lot, but at the cost of slower chunk generation. Personally i recommend this over BetterFPS as it seems more stable.) 


I have made it my goal to keep this modpack as bugfree and stable as possible. I only put in mods that i consider to be "stable". There are still very few mods included that are in Beta stage or are very old, but i haven't noticed any major or game-breaking bugs or crashes while testing. Keep in mind that this doesn't mean there are no bugs, i just haven't found any while testing the final version of MC-PLUS.


Good luck trying to survive and have fun!



I apologize if i worded something weirdly. English isn't my native language.


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