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Primarily alternate texture packs for Simple Ores, Fusion, and other SimpleOres add-ons.


SimpleOres Classic


The original textures from the SimpleOres and Fusion mods, before they were updated to Minecraft 1.14.4+ art styles. Recently added the original textures from Netherrocks, including the original version of netherrack-based ores, as well as the original textures from Aesthetics and Machines. (Unfortunately, the old version of the Nether Furnace textures has been misplaced and will have to restored at a later date). Goes well with the original Minecraft textures, aka "Programmer Art" resource pack.


 Original SimpleOres armor textures

Original Simple Ores (above) and Fusion (below) armor textures.


Original Fusion armor textures



Original SimpleOres block textures


Original Simple Ores (above) and Fusion (below) block textures.


Original Fusion block textures



Thombias's SimpleOres


Simple Ores and Fusion textures updated to 1.14.4+ Minecraft art styles, artwork by Thombias. This is the complete pack of Thombias's textures, some of which will be used in the next SimpleOres and Fusion updates. Complements the current art style of vanilla Minecraft.


Thombias SimpleOres armor

Thombias's textures for Simple Ores (above) and Fusion (below) armor.


Thombias's Fusion armor


Thombias's SimpleOres blocks

Thombias's textures for Simple Ores (above) and Fusion (below) blocks.


Thombias's Fusion blocks




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