Enigmatica 2: Expert - Extended (E2E-E)

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Enigmatica 2: Expert - Extended is an addon for Enigmatica 2: Expert

The aim of the addon is to make E2E even more interesting and challenging. Balance it out as much as possible, but leave the most interesting stuff untouched.


Here are +200 up-to-date 1.12.2 mods (about 400 total).

Despite this, the modpack only takes 30% longer to load than the original E2E. And the FPS in the game is even higher.

10+ additional major mods and +200 tweaking and Quality of Life addons. Most important of them:

  • ❤️ Scaling Health
  • 🛡️ Construct's Armory
  • ⛏️ Harder Branch Mining
  • ▪️▪️ Little Tiles
  • 🐀 Rats
  • 🐉 Tinker's Evolution
  • 🖥️ Deep Mob Learning
  • 🦯 +3 Thaumcraft addons

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No OP items. No exploits. Less cheese

No item should disable bunch of other items.
Work towards crafting the powerful items, or use less powerful alternatives.
The Angel Ring is harder to give way to all other flight options.

Сan no longer be easily cheesed through the mob stripping farm..


Less miners -> more manual mining + processing

Gave you Stack/Second of ore. Got nerf. But new x7 ore processing line comes in.


Tinker's Hegemony

Material balance was reworked, OP traits remapped. Mobs spawn with random TCon's weapons.
Is no longer the only correct option.


More adventuring

Better caves, additional structures, more loot, reworked planets.
Added a variety of new resources and unique terrain on planets and other dimensions.


Clear guide

Quests and recipes reveal unpopular "hidden" mechanics
More Quest chapters describing "forgotten" items

Setup Guide


Loading time ~8 minutes (Detailed).

Recommended RAM: 6Gb. Could be 4Gb if playing on server.

Skyblock option 🌌

When you creating new world, there is Skyblock option.

You can play it without preparation, but with standard settings, structures will be generated in an void world. It is desirable (but not necessary) to turn them off.

Download and overwrite this configs over your installed instance.
New configs would disable some generation in void world, like Slime Islands or Dragon corpses.

Addon Info

This is unofficial addon and not supported with Enigmatica dev team.

Permission to develop and publish from Enigmatica owner.


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