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Enigmatica 2: Expert - Extended


Enigmatica 2: Expert - Extended is unofficial continuation of Enigmatica 2: Expert

The aim of the addon is to make E2E even more interesting and challenging. Balance it out as much as possible, but leave the most interesting stuff untouched.



Here are +200 up-to-date 1.12.2 mods (about 400 total).
Despite this, the modpack only takes 30% longer to load than the original E2E. And the FPS in the game is even higher.

10+ additional major mods and +200 tweaking and Quality of Life addons. Some notable of them:


   New Content     QOL     Performance 

Thaumic Augmentation




Particle Culling


Construct's Armory


Traveler's Backpack








Thaumic Speedup




Hole Filler Mod




Tinkers' Evolution




Had Enough Items



See full list in MODS.md


🧰 No OP items. No exploits. Less cheese
  • No item should disable bunch of other items.
  • Work towards crafting the powerful items, or use less powerful alternatives.
    The Angel Ring is harder to give way to all other flight options.
    Сan no longer be easily cheesed through the mob stripping farm..
  Wall with many ingame items  
💡 Better balance
  • Generators production carefully tweaked.
  • TCon materials reworked, OP traits remapped.
  • Mobs spawn with random TCon's weapons.
    Is no longer the only correct option.
  1 million RF/t on steam  
🏔️ More adventuring
  • Better caves, additional structures, more loot, reworked planets.
  • Exploration is optional - you can finish the modpack without even going into Twilight Forest.
    Added a variety of new resources and unique terrain on planets and other dimensions.
  New OTG generator screenshot  
📖 Clear guide
  • Quests and recipes reveal unpopular "hidden" mechanics
    More Quest chapters describing "forgotten" items
 Utilities Quest lines 
🎿 Less Strict
  • Tedious recipes and whole branches of mods can be skipped with alternate recipes.
    Whole modpack can be beaten in Peaceful mode

Modpack beaten in peaceful mode

🧱 New mechanics
  • Added new unique crafting mechanics, adding diversity to crafting ways
    and other essences now have their unique mechanics to turn into ore.
  12 new mechanics showreel  
🌌 Skyblock
  • Skyblock is built-in modpack. You only need to change starting dimension
    Skyblock is expert-expert version and can be very tedious



Skyblock panorama  


Setup Guide

💥 Update your Java

To play this pack you must update your Java from verson 1.8.0_51 to newer one.
You can check out your current Java version in F3 menu or on 5th line of file logs/latest.log.

🪔 Install From Launcher

Just use New Instance feature of your launcher and choose "from CurseForge".
Prism Launcher example.

✊ Manual installation

  1. Download E2E-Extended_{version}.zip from Assets of latest release OR from CurseForge page.
  2. Use Import feature in your launcher.

🌌 Skyblock

In Skyblock mode, you cannot leave the starting Void dimension (with a couple of exceptions).
If you play on a server on which have already made these changes, the client does not need to change the configs.

In order to create a new Skyblock world, you need:

  1. In main menu go to Mods => Just Enough Dimensions Config => Generic => initialSpawnDimensionId set to 3
  2. Then Create New World => Create New World



  • Loading time ~8 minutes
  • First load could take 10+ minutes to create cache
  • Recommended RAM: 6Gb
 More info about load time 


📘 Refined Storage info


Refined Storage (with addons) not included by default. You can install them manually, recipes would change automatically.

Integrated and tested RS mods:


🏔️ Open Terrain Generator


✅ Pros:

  • Better landscape
  • Huge mountains
  • Good alternative if bored from BoP


👎 Cons:

  • Nature Compass not working
  • Biomes too big or too small
  • Rarely structures generating midair

To enable new world generation type, follow this buttons:

Some screenshots of new worldgen:

Recommended mods

  • Entity Culling - increase performance, but can cause crashes on some machines
  • Dynamic Surroundings - better sounds and environmental, but increaing load time and lower FPS a bit
  • No Advancements - radical way to faster world load. Warning: TF progress and some quests will not working.


Modpack Developing

This is unofficial addon and not supported by Enigmatica dev team.

Some of the changes from the Extended version [1][2][3] were added to the main modpack as well, so I became a contributor.

Permission to develop and publish from Enigmatica owner.



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