Thaumic Speedup

31,683 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 11, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

MAKE SURE YOUR THAUMCRAFT JAR'S NAME IS THE SAME AS THE ONE IN 'config/thaumicspeedup/thaumcraft_jar_name.txt` IF NOT CHANGE IT!


2.0+ now required MixinBooter


Primarily for the next huge modpack that is coming, but I'll share it anyways.


Just does some stuff to the internals and makes it run faster, like a download more ram mod but actually download more speed mod, keemstar-esque.


It is easier to see the benefit of this in a larger modpack, the larger it is, the more it sees. However, it does at least speed up at least 50ms in a vanilla + TC instance.


It offloads a lot of Thaumcraft work that needs little to no 'minecraft/forge' components to another thread; the first load may seem only a tiny bit faster as it caches most aspect values, but every other load after that is pure speed.

(If you want to add more mods that adds more aspects, delete the lock file in config/thaumicspeedup)


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