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Pixelmon 6.1.3 with more features.


I am aiming for a pixelmon with more building features and not just a grind and dash pixelmon.

With more building means more creativity and less of the same old thing, giving mc players the

feel to create there own pixelmon styled area.


1.   Additional Lights

2.   ApexCore

3.   Architectury

4.   Atlantis API

5.   Biomes O' Plenty

6.   Collective

7.   Dynamic Trees

8.   Dynamic Trees for BOP

9.   Extended Bone Meal

10. Fantasy's Furniture

11. Flan

12. FTB Chunks

13. FTB Essentials

14. FTB Library

15. FTB Ranks

16. FTB Teams

17. IPN

18. JEI

19. Kotlin for Forge

20. LibIPN

21. Macaw's Bridges

22. Macaw's Bridges - BOP

23. Macaw's Paths & Pavings

24. MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod

25. MrCrayfish's More Furniture Mod

26. Open Terrain Generator

27. Packed Up

28. Pixelmon Mod

29. Simple Voice Chat

30. SuperMartijn642's Config Library

31. SuperMartijn642's Core Lib

32. WorldEdit

33. Yet Another World Protector

34. Mega Evolve! (for Pixelmon)

35. Ore Excavation



Annahstas Beatrinia


None of the mods are owned by me, you can find them all on curseforge and also the resoucepack is not mines either.