Atlantis API

Atlantis is a collection of utilities designed to allow easy creation of Forge server-side plugins, as well as to aid in the creation of traditional mods.

Contains the following utilities and more:

  • AtlantisUI, an object oriented and functional style chest GUI API with pagination support.
  • AtlantisConfig, a file system manager and database manager all-in-one solution, allowing the same data objects to be used across multiple data storage types seamlessly.
  • AtlantisData, a wrapper around Mojang API calls for fetching player skulls, player names, and player UUIDs.
  • AtlantisCommand, a wrapper around Brigadier for old style commands, and CommandBuilder, an alternate wrapper around Brigadier for faster creation of commands in a functional style.
  • Trident, a pretty printed Forge mod and plugin update file parser and informer.
  • TridentLevels, a Forge only multiverse solution and API.
  • Atlantis for Pixelmon, type adapters and helper classes specific for the Pixelmon ecosystem, including a simple battle executor and listener, AtlantisBattles.
  • Atlantis Object Notation, a variant of JSON with comments and simplified formatting.
  • Various utility classes and lazy wrappers with automatic string parsing for all kinds of useful things, like Text, ParsedItemStack, LazyLevel, etc.

Jar contains HikariCP, MySQL Connector/J, Lettuce, and Netty. If used as an annotation processor, it will also validate usage of various Atlantis annotations on compile.

The code is licensed under MIT and LGPL v3, so you are free to use, copy, modify and distribute this code within your mods, and to choose which license you want to use for your use case.