Packed Up (Backpacks)

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All the available backpacks


Packed Up allows you to solve your inventory problems, by giving you the ability to craft new amazing Backpacks! This will allow you to carry your things with you instead of having all those nasty chests around everywhere! It is also ideal for travelling and exploring dungeons! Backpacks can also be used with Baubles and Curios, and can be opened with a keybind!




Standard Backpack

- good for 3 rows of storage.

Recipe for the Standard Backpack


Iron Backpack

- upgrade from the Standard Backpack

- 4 rows of storage

Recipe for the Iron Backpack


Copper Backpack

- upgrade from the Standard Backpack

4 rows of storage

Recipe for the Copper Backpack


Golden Backpack

- upgrade from the Iron Backpack or Copper Backpack

5 rows of storage

Recipe for the Golden BackpackRecipe for the Golden Backpack


Silver Backpack

- upgrade from the Iron Backpack or Copper Backpack

5 rows of storage

Recipe for the Silver BackpackRecipe for the Silver Backpack


Diamond Backpack

- upgrade from the Golden Backpack or Silver Backpack

- 7 rows of storage

Recipe for the Diamond BackpackRecipe for the Diamond Backpack


Obsidian Backpack

- upgrade from the Diamond Backpack

8 rows of storage

Recipe for the Obsidian Backpack


Step-by-step Guide:


Renaming a Backpack

1. Hold the backpack in your hand
2. Right-click while holding down shift
3. Enter the desired name in the text field

GUI for renaming a Backpack

Opening a Backpack from inside a Backpack

1. Open a backpack by right-clicking it
2. Right-click on another backpack in the inventory



Does this mod add copper and silver ingots?

No, in order to craft the copper and silver backpacks you need a mod that adds copper and silver ingots.

Can I change the storage capacity each backpack has?

Yes, this can be changed in the config file

Can I use your mod in my modpack?

Yes, feel free to use my mod in your modpack

Legal Stuff

Packed Up is the property of SuperMartijn642 and is protected under copyright law and may not be altered or reuploaded without direct permission from SuperMartijn642.


All the available backpacks


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