Create Live 3

138,305 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 29, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2  

Create Live started as a modpack for the german YouTube / Twitch project "Minecraft Create Live".


With Create Live 3 we continue the series of the modpack Create Live.


The intention of Create Live was to build a lightweight modpack, so new players can easily understand modpacks without beeing overloaded with modifications.

Also our goal was to set the focus on the mod Create.


With Create Live 3 we updated the modpack to version 1.18 and added additional mods.
Alex's Mobs and Terralith are used to make the surrounding more enjoyable. We also changed the spawn settings of every mob.


We added the Create Addons Create: Alloyed, Create: Steam Powered, Create Chunkloading, Create Crafts & Additions, Create Deco and Create Live 3 Addon, to give the user more possibilites.

Wait. Did I say Create Live 3 Addon?
Create Live 3 Addon is our own mod, which is used for new Custom items and recipes!


The last big thing we added is FTB Quests. This creates a helpful guideline for new players. You will also be rewarded for handing in your quests.



Do you have any questions about the modpack or would you like to meet new people? Then join the Discord!


Last Update:1.1.0






Create Live 1Create Live 2


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