The Slime Dimension

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 The Slime Dimension adds a new dimension that improves the way you farm slime, adding new biomes, items, ores, mobs, blocks and more!



  • 🥝 NEW DIMENSION; You can acces this with a new mineral called Sacred Slime Ball that you can find on the Overworld, you will use it as an flint and steel with a nether portal, the portal to this dimension needs Sticky Obsidian blocks
  • 🍉 NEW BIOMES; SlimeStone Wastes, Sticky Plains, Corrupted Sticky Plains and Honey Plains
  • 👾 SLUMBEES; This new mobs are some advanced slimes that live on the Slime Dimension, don't bother them
  • 👾 HEAVY SLUMBEES; A stronger version of the slumbees
  • 🐌 STICKY SNAILS; This new snails appear on the Slime Dimension and on the Overworld, they have some different drops 
  • 🐌 CORRUPTED STICKY SNAILS; An evil variant of the Sticky Snails >:(
  • 🔪 SLIMETHERITE; A new really strong ore that you can find on the Slime Dimension
  • 🟢 SOLID SLIME; A new block that you can find on the new dimension, it can be crafted to Slime Balls if you smelt it :)
  • 🟢 STICKY QUARTZ; A new buliding block, you can find them as ore or clusters
  • 🟢 STICKY GLOWSTONE; A new green glowstone type :3
  • 🔶 HONEY TRAPS; This honey blocks aren't solid, so be careful, you will fall... (Generated on the Honey Plains, you can craft them too) 
  • 🟩 SLIME TRAP; A new slime block that will make you walk slow (generated on the Sticky Plains)
  • 🟣 CORRUPTED STICKY FUNGUS (CORRUPTED TRAP); This fungus will make you levitate (Generated on the Corrupted Sticky Plains)
  • 🔘 SLIMESTONE IRON ORE; You can find iron on this dimension too!
  • 🥣 STICKY FUNGUS SOUP AND CORRUPTED STICKY FUNGUS SOUP; This new food have special effects!
  • ⬛ STICKY OBSIDIAN; A new type of obsidian, you will need it for the portal

    🟠 You can watch an example of the Honey Traps here:

    You can see all the crafting recipes on JEI

    I hope you like this mod :3
    More content coming soon...


    - Better Mob animations

    - New custom drops

    - Add some uses to the Slumbees

    - Corrupted Sticky Snails (Spawn in the End and New drop)
    - Snail Shell uses








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