The Banished



Remember. Remember a time when Ancient Civilizations were thriving. Remember a time when Piglins were still a brave and forceful kingdom. Remember a time... when Gods ruled over the Minecraft lands. Gods known and worshipped by all. Yet, they were still seeking for power. And their greed sealed their fate, banishing them to the Void when they were consumed by dark powers they failed to master. They were left in a place where only nightmares could sense them preparing their comeback and thinking about their revengeance. But the time has come. The time for you to face the Banished as they invade this world again.


Use JEI for recipes

To start your adventure you will need to max a Cleric villager, in the end he'll give you an interesting trade. For 32 emeralds and 1 wither skull you can buy him the Thanatos' Heart. Before you even make this trade you''ll be able to find Banished Slaves around the world and you can also find a brand new ore: Gloomy Metal, that you'll find between 0-35 levels underground, surrounded by a brand new stone block, Voidstone. With Voidstone you can make new decorative blocks which have a pretty interesting design.

Another thing that you shall know is that by killing Banished Slaves you'll have the chance to get Disgusting Meat which you can eat or craft a Void Bottle. Craft a Void Bottle by brewing Honey Bottles with Disgusting Meat in a brewing stand.


The first threat on your journey shall be Thanatos, god of Death and son of Apollyon. This fantastic fighter proudly wrapped in his cloak doesn't fear to use his legendary scythe to reap your soul off. His sins in the past got him to be the first corrupted, starting the fall of the gods: some claim he murdered so many people in his search of power that Hell couldn't take them all, damning their soulless skeletons to endlessly roam the world. But this is all legends. Just as the fight you'll have.

âť— You can summon Thanatos by right clicking the Thanatos’ Heart in a surface.

â›” Drops:
- His main drop is the Broken Thanatos' Scythe, you can repair it with a Gloomy Metal and you'll get the Thanatos' Scythe. This weapon is powerful and it has fast cooldown.
- He also drops you the Thanatos' Hand, hold it to be faster.
- His last drop is The Banished Devastator's Heart, used to summon the next boss...


Born from the chaos the corruption caused, the restless fighter he is is only an armor inhabited by a soul, seeking for revenge after the fall of his masters. While his mind origin is unknown, his body was once the armor of a great king, forged by a mythical blacksmith.

âť— Summon The Banished Devastator by using his heart.

â›” Drops:
- By defeating this boss you will get the Devastator's Fist, this will make you able to give mobs the same effect that The Banished Devastator gives you. By hitting an entity with it, the entity will levitate and will receive constant damage.
- The second drop is the Devastator's Soul, with it you can craft the Devastator. The Devastator is a REALLY POWERFUL weapon with a lot of cooldown, it was used by the ancient version of this god.
- The last drop is Apollyon's Heart, wich you'll use to summon your last fight...


Goddess of everything that is, and mainly that isn't, Apollyon is by far the most powerful of the whole pantheon. Out of the fear everyone had towards her appeared the Nether, like a tumor of bad feelings, latching onto this world. Being the center of the hive mind from all her minions, she decided to create a more powerful, sentient one: giving birth to Thanatos. She tried to save her son in a last moment of lucidity before vanishing to the void, and, although it failed, she managed to keep his heart down here on our world, safe from everything. According to rumors, this artifact is still here on our world, kept by descendants of her first priests. Who knows, maybe an intrepid explorer could find it again?

âť— Summon the final boss by using her heart. 

â›” DROPS:
- The Extinct Banished Charm is an ancient artifact that contains Apollyon's power inside. Revive this charm by adding gold and amethyst shards and you'll get the Banished Charm. With it you will be able to summon a Big Banished Slave, he will attack other mobs BUT BE CAREFUL, because if you spam this charm and you summon more than one they'll start fighting. You should know that you shouldn't hit them and that they despawn in some little time.
- By banishing The Banished of your minecraft world you'll get Apollyon's Blood, with it you can craft the Abyss Sword. The Abyss Sword is a sword that will regenerate half heart whenever you hit an entity + it's also very powerful.


Everything you should know:

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âť— THANKS TO âť—

- Lyof, for his amazing help with redacting the mod's lore.
- EVERY person that followed the YouTube series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3K05XpyBFXZKu7X0wESrzT98CKenSS1e
- Also wanna thank every person that helped me through the development, by giving me feedback, testing the mod, or just supporting me.
- I also wanna thank Mcreator's community, because this might be my last mcreator mod.



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