Gems Expansion

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 Gems Expansion is a mod that Improves Minecraft Minerals by adding new ores and recipes, now there are new ores for the Overworld, the Nether and the End. I have really good plans for this mod and the next update will add more and more things...




SPECIAL EMERALDS; This new rare emeralds can be conmbined with a Netherite Helmet, this helmet will give you an special effect depending on the gem, they are crafted with the Smithing Table

  • 🔴 RED BERYLLIUM, this Gems give you HEALTH BOOST, Overworld Ore (Next update will be changed to absortion)
  • 🌸 BIXBITE, this Gem give you RESISTENCE, Overworld Ore
  • 🟡 HIBONITE, this Gem give you SPEED, Overworld Ore
  • 🟠 TITANITE, this Gem give you FIRE RESISTENCE, Nether Ore
  • 🔵 KYANITE, this Gem give you SLOW FALLING, End Ore



  • 🔷 COBALT, a new ore that can be found on any cape like Copper in 1.17, with this ore you can make tools faster than gold and with more durability
  • 🤍 PLATINUM, without this ore you can't make Cobalt tools



  • ⚫ NEW BLOCKS, every Ore have a crafteable block like Diamond Blocks, Emerald Blocks etc
  • 🤎 PORPHYRY, new stone type that you can find on caves
  • 🐄 SPECIAL NETHERITE HELMETS, this are the helmets that can be crafted with the Special Emeralds, can be crafted using the Smithing Table
  • 💎 THE SUPER GEM, this gem can be CRAFTED with 3 Red Berylliums, 3 Bixbites and 3 Hibonites
  • 🔪 THE GREAT SWORD, this new powered sword can be crafted with one SUPER GEM and one Netherite Sword, its crafted with the Smithing Table



  • 💖 1.17 PRE-FEATURES, in this mod there are deepslates variants of the ores (they don't generate), with this the Mod Packers can make that some of the ores of this mod generates in other ambients
  • 💫 ORE TWEAKER, this mod is compatible with Ore Tweaker!

    More content coming soon...









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