The Gold Rush


🔱 Have you ever thought about building with golden blocks? Or about finding gold in the rivers? Or how about a lovely Golden Golem that will help you defeating zombies, skeletons and spiders? So, with The Gold Rush this will be possible...

🌊 LOOK AT THE RIVERS! (and also in the oceans if you want)

What about finding GOLD in underwater? Now you'll be able to find gold in the rivers and also in the ocean. You'll find Sand With Gold and you can only get the gold if you break the block WITH a shovel, any type of shovel (including the wood one too). This new ore will drop you Golden Nuggets or  a Golden Ingot or a Raw Gold or a Gold Sheet

Now let me present you what's a gold sheet...


A gold sheet is the item that looks like a paper but has got a golden texture, it can be crafted with a horizontal row of golden nuggets: 🌕🌕🌕

Then with them you can craft GOLDEN BLOCKS! They can be Golden Bricks (Stairs and Slabs included) and Chiseled Golden Bricks. Their crafting is really special...

To get one GOLDEN BRICK you need to mix any brick block in mc with a Golden Sheet, then with that golden brick you can craft the stairs and the slabs normally. And to craft the CHISELED GOLDEN BRICK you can mix any chiseled brick (without including nether bricks) with a Golden Sheet or you can craft it as a normal chiseled block. Please USE JEI if you feel confused.

Wait, there's another golden block that you can make! The GOLDEN GLASS! It works the same as the Golden Bricks, you mix glass (without including the new tinted glass introduced in the 1.17) with some golden plates and you can get the golden glass. Also with it you can make Golden Glass Panes.

And... there's another use for the gold... the golden golem...


Presenting you the GOLDEN GOLEM! This crafteable robots can help you by defeating monsters for you (Zombies, Skeletons and Spiders)... Here you have EVERYTHING you should know about them:

HOW TO CRAFT THEM! Easy, you'll need 2x Blocks of Gold / 2x Gold Ingots / 2 Gold Nuggets / 2 Gold Sheets... by crafting them you will get the Golden Golem Spawner so you'll need to Right Click with that item to summon one!

The Golden Golems have a peculiar behavior... They will kill EVERY Zombie, Skeleton, Spider near them! BUT... they are really silly, stupid and brainless so whenever they see a Rabbit they will chase it for giving them a hug, but they are strong enough to accidentally kill them :( Of course, they are so stupid that they won't learn about that and they will still chase them, please, don't let them be near Rabbits. 

Another thing you should know is that they are so SCARED about Piglins... they will run away if they are near Piglins and the will start shaking of fear.

So, that's the Golden Golem, lets see how do you use them :)


🥕 Now YOU can craft Enchanted Golden Carrots! They give the same effects as a Golden Apple

👌  Some advancements :3


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This mod was made with Mcreator