Nether Chest

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Nether Chest

This mod adds one block: the nether chest. It serves a counterpart to the ender chest, having a special ability based on the nether dimension. When items are stored in nether chest, their normal stack size limit is multiplied by 8 due to the way the nether compresses space by a factor of 8. This stack size increase also applies to tools and any other items that aren't normally stackable. Despite their name, trying to open one in the nether is a very bad idea.


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Config Options

There are a few config options for the mod, which I figured I'd mention here so you don't have to install it and run the game to see what options there are.

  • Text size of the item count of stacks stored in nether chests
    • By default, this is set to 75% to make room for numbers up to 512, however if you don't like that, it can be configured to any number between 0.5 and 1.0
  • How many particles the chests generate per random display tick
    • Set to 2 by default, but if you find the particles really annoying, you can disable them by changing this value to 0.
  • Whether nether chests should interact with hoppers and other forms of automation
    • Enabled by default.
  • Whether nether chests should explode in the nether
    • By default this is set to true.
  • Explosion strength from nether chests that are opened in the nether
    • By default, the explosion strength is 8, which is slightly more than a charged creeper.
  • Central recipe ingredient
    • Unless you use CraftTweaker, the recipe for a nether chest will always require 4 nether brick blocks and 4 iron ingots, but you can use this config option to change the middle ingredient to any item in the game (although it isn't damage or nbt sensitive). The default for this is blaze powder.


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