Arcane Archives

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If you encounter difficulties or errors when running the -mixins8 version of Arcane Archive, please try the -mixins7 version before filing an issue.

Arcane Archives is a storage mod with a magical flair. All content is currently focused on the early game, but further storage, crafting, and automation devices are planned.

To get started, break a bookshelf, or craft a Radiant Resonator to receive a Tome of Arcana, the in-game documentation book. Tomes of Arcana can also be crafted directly with a book and a gold nugget.


Images of Radiant Chest, Radiant Tank, and Radiant Trove

Early game storage added by Arcane Archives includes:

The Radiant Chest, a 54-slot chest with quadruple stack size limits.

The Radiant Tank, a fluid-storing block that can be remotely filled and emptied with a bucket called a Radiant Amphora.

The Radiant Trove, a storage device that can hold up to 1024 stacks of a single type of item or block.

Tanks and Troves can be upgraded to hold up to 10x their starting capacity. Furthermore, any items or blocks stored in Radiant Tanks or Troves can also be easily tracked and located with an item called a Manifest.


Image of Brazier of Hoarding

Items can also be inserted into Radiant Troves and Tanks remotely by tossing them in a Brazier of Hoarding.


Development is ongoing! Joining our Discord channel gets you access to alpha builds, previews of upcoming features, development art, and lore concepts.


If you'd prefer a video to explain what's going on, check out this spotlight:



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