Difficult Raids

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Do you enjoy Illager Raids?

Do you think they're too easy?

Do you want some actual rewards from the villagers for saving their lives?


If you answered yes to any of these, this mod is for you!

1.19 is in development!


Difficult Raids

You pause for a second, having just defeated a simple raid on Hard difficulty. As you collect the spoils of war, you wonder if the Illagers are really as weak as you think. After all, you absolutely decimated their last group, are they really a threat?

Elsewhere, the Evokers, Vindicators, Pillagers and their Ravagers have had enough. They've been getting their butts kicked since 2019, and now they want revenge. But they can't do it alone. The Illagers have only been using a fraction of their true power. Now, ready to exact vengeance, they initiate PvE skill-based matchmaking and bring out the full might of the Illager army...


This mod adds 4 new tiers of raid difficulty!

Hero - Harder than vanilla Raids, you will find yourself fighting the same Raiders, but with upgraded gear. On later waves, you may catch a glimpse of some new friends joining the fight!

Legend - The Illagers know you mean business. And so, they will properly introduce you to their new friends. Be prepared to face an onslaught of new, powerful Raiders!

Master - It's you versus them. They're not holding back anymore, and you want the pinnacle challenge. The Illagers attack with the full force of their army. This is the true test!

Grandmaster -The ultimate test of strength. The Illagers are equipped with the most powerful gear possible, and their skills have been tuned to their maximum potential. How long will you survive?


What difficulty should you pick?

Hero - You want a slightly harder raid experience, but not too much, and you don't want to fight many of the new illagers.

Legend - The standard raid difficulty, with a good mix of powerful vanilla raiders and new Difficult Raids raiders.

Master - The hardest challenge with the combined power of tougher vanilla raiders and more new illagers.

Grandmaster - The most extreme difficulty, where each Illager has their abilities and gear turned up to the maximum power.


Additional Notes:

- Illagers will almost always spawn with enchanted weapons, and enchanted armor (currently invisible).

- Raid waves may spawn with Reinforcements, comprised of other mobs around the Minecraft world.

- Raid difficulty will also scale based on the world difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard), and occasionally based on the number of players present.

- I highly recommend playing this mod with Guard Villagers - you need all the help you can get!


How to start a higher difficulty Raid?

The difficulty of any Raid will be determined by the Bad Omen level of all the players that enter the Raid. A default vanilla Raid can be summoned with a Bad Omen Level of 1. Harder difficulties added by this mod correspond to the following Bad Omen levels. As a result, Bad Omen no longer has its vanilla functionality of increasing the odds of Raiders having an enchantment.

Bad Omen 1 - Default (Vanilla)

Bad Omen 2 - Hero

Bad Omen 3 - Legend

Bad Omen 4 - Master

Bad Omen 5 - Grandmaster


Meet the Illagers

Difficult Raids adds 8 new Illager mobs that will join during Raids to exact their revenge.


The Warrior

Vindicators that have decided to master swords instead of axes. In doing so, they managed to increase their attack and movement speeds!

The Tank

Who needs to deal tons of damage when you can survive forever? These Illagers have sacrificed powerful weapons for full sets of enchanted armor.

The Dart

What was that? Within milliseconds, your health will disappear. Dart Illagers have insanely fast movement and attack speeds, and unleash multiple blows within seconds. They don't have much health though, so they can be taken out simply, if you can actually hit them, that is...

The Assassin

Another fast Illager? Wait, it's not going for me? Where's it headed? Raid Defeat. Assassin Illagers are just like Dart Illagers: they're fast, and attack even faster. But, they don't go for players - they target villagers and iron golems, aiming to get them victory before you even find where the Raiders spawned.


Evoker Variants


The Illusioner

Mobs that are fully implemented within Minecraft, but don't spawn, these guys will create copies of themselves, inflict blindness on targets, and fire arrows until you're gone.

The Conductor

These evokers have mastered the art of lightning. They unleash a few lightning bolts, a concentrated bolt that deals high damage, a ring of lightning that surrounds them, or a slowness bolt that weakens their targets. They aren't masters though, and their bolts can't start wildfires or convert villagers to witches.

The Necromancer

These evokers use your skills against you by reviving fallen foes as Zombies or Skeletons to attack you. They can summon minions, which have full sets of armor, or hordes, which are short-living skeletons that swarm targets. Necromancers are always looking for more to add to their army, and they will attempt to bury you as well if you get too close...

The Shaman

These evokers don't deal damage. Instead, they buff their allies with Resistance or Strength, and apply a whole assortment of debuffs to their targets.

The Frostmage

These evokers have mastered the power of ice. They emit a slowness aura around them, causing any enemies to slow down as they try to target the Frost Illager. They can freeze their targets in place, and unleash a barrage of snowballs, pestering their enemies.


Elite Raiders

On certain waves during a Raid (if the Raid Difficulty is higher than Hero), you will encounter Elite Raiders. These Illagers are the most powerful forces the Illager army has produced, and will show no mercy....

Elite Raiders are separated by tier, and currently there are 2 tiers of Elite Raiders.

On Legend difficulty, only Tier 1 Elite Raiders will spawn.

On Master and Grandmaster, Tier 1 Elite Raiders will spawn on Easy & Normal raids, and in the middle of Hard raids. Tier 2 Elite Raiders will only spawn on the final wave of a Hard raid.


Meet the Elite Raiders!

Nuaos, The Chosen (Tier 1): [REDACTED]

Xydrax, Windborne (Tier 1): [REDACTED]

Modur, Harbinger of Thunder (Tier 2): [REDACTED]

Voldon, The Protected (Tier 2): [REDACTED]

No information is available for these guys. They must have been kept secret for a reason. You'll have to face them yourself.....


Raid Loot:

After winning a Raid, rewards will drop near the village center after the Raid bar goes away. You will find plenty of useful resources, and the amount of loot that drops increases with Raid Difficulty. Raids will also drop enchanted gear. On higher difficulties, you may even acquire gear with enchantments beyond the limits of vanilla Minecraft...

For the brave players that manage to complete a Grandmaster Raid, a set of Grandmaster Armor awaits them. This armor is enchanted with a very high level of Protection, and provides a constant Regeneration II and Speed I while the full set is equipped.

From all Raids, the loot also contains new, unique variants of the classic Totem of Undying. All of these variants will revive you upon taking fatal damage, but also provide a little extra effect when that happens! Raids now also drop any of 7 new treasure enchantments that will surely assist you in your future conquests!

Totem Variants:
Totem of Invisibility: Grants you invisibility with a little bit of speed. Get to safety!

Totem of Lightning: Nearby enemies within a short radius will be struck by lightning. Take out those Conductors with their own magic!

Totem of Poison: Poisons nearby enemies. Now witches will get a taste of their own medicine!

Totem of Speed: Grants you immensely fast speed for a brief period of time. Are you faster than Darts now?

Totem of Vengeance: Grants you extra regeneration as well as strength for a bit. Take out your revenge!

Totem of Destiny: The enemy that killed you will be killed as well. Nearby enemies will also take some damage, scaling as they are farther away from where you died. If you're dying, so are they!

Totem of Levitation: Nearby enemies will start floating into the sky. What a beautiful sky!

Totem of Protection: Summons 2 Iron Golems to help you out. Now you get to bring in reinforcements!

Totem of Freezing: Freezes nearby enemies. So cool!

Totem of Persistence: Has a chance not to be consumed when it gets used. A literal Totem of Undying!

Totem of Teleportation: Teleports you to a nearby area, hopefully away from enemies. This is what it feels like to be an Enderman!

Totem of Fireballs: Launches fireballs in all directions around the player. Fire away!


Bane of Raiders: Deal increased damage to Raiders!
Defender's Vanish: When taking damage, you have a random chance to go invisible, useful for some quick escapes!
Lightning Resistance: Take reduced damage from lightning bolts! This should be helpful against a certain Evoker....
Projectile Evasion: Random chance for projectiles to deal no damage! Take that, Pillagers!
Critical Strike: Increases the chance for any hit that you make to be a critical hit, dealing extra damage!
Critical Burst: Increases the damage that a critical hit deals! Combine with Critical Strike for the ultimate critical hits!
Critical Resistance: A very small chance to take heavily reduced damage!


Note: this mod is highly configurable. Almost every aspect of the added difficulty (except spawns, I'm looking into this), and attacks of the custom illagers can be configured through the server config, different for each difficulty. You can also disable the added difficulty (and all features) of this mod by changing the Raid Difficulty setting to Default.


Future Plans:

- More compatibility (Compatibility with Guard Villagers has been added already)

- Balancing

- More raid loot?

- More illagers!

- Increasing the number of waves in a Raid

If you're really good at texturing and want to help out by texturing some of the Illagers or Totems in this mod, please reach out to me! I would really appreciate anyone's help, even if you texture one entity or item.



Compatibility has not been tested with other mods explicitly. However, in general, this mod should be compatible with any mod that doesn't use mixins that overwrite components of Raiders and the Raid class itself. As of the latest version, mods that add new Raider types should be compatible out of the box, though these Raider types will spawn as normal and will not change based on RaidDifficulty until I add explicit compatibility. But the game will no longer crash like it used to!

If a mod that should be compatible isn't, please post an issue to the GitHub repository. I am actively looking into mods that impact the Raid experience, and plan to incorporate them into this mod.


Difficult Raids has out of the box compatibility with:

Guard Villagers – Guards will attack Raiders and will try to help you out.

Hunter Illager – Hunter Illagers will show up in Raids and will receive upgraded equipment based on the Raid Difficulty.

Enchant with Mob - Enchanters will show up in Raids.


Modpack Use:

Go ahead!



CalculusMaster (me) for the main coding & development.


SystemLoadingLIVE for the Assassin texture!

kaiya for the Necromancer texture!

アラン ナメカジー for the Conductor, Shaman, and Tank Illager textures!

Rogeriforloki for the Warrior Illager texture!

IvanTheSpaceBiker for the Dart Illager texture, as well as textures for Nuaos, Xydrax, Modur and Voldun!

PixG13 for the standard Voldon Familiar texture, and Yoler_Toons for the hidden Voldon Familiar texture!


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