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Illage and Spillage

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Illage and Spillage is a huge mod, and while I do understand there may be mods stuck on older versions and moving forward to newer versions is easier said than done, I'm not going to backport to any older version than the one I currently support.

Code changes HEAVILY between modding versions; porting forward takes a tremendous amount of effort and time, and porting backward will not only take as much time but also be a waste of modding time that could've been spent on something new. I'm ESPECIALLY not going to backport now that I'm using the built-in animation system introduced on 1.19, as in order to backport something like Freakager I'd have to also backport that entire system to whatever version.


The only backport I'll ever make for I&S is Spiritcaller, which can be found here.


1.16.5 requires at least Forge 36.2.20 (the recommended version), otherwise the mod may not work trying to load!


Illage and Spillage is a mod that adds more illagers to Minecraft; more specifically, it's meant to compliment Raids.



Full playlist: click!


The illagers currently in this mod and what they do:


This illager just wants to watch the world burn...


Igniters are dangerous illagers with even shorter of a temper than your regular illager. Patience is not a thing to the Igniter, and this illager is set on destroying not just villagers, but entire villages.

When the Igniter spots a target, it will run up to it and use its flamethrower dispenser. Its dispenser can alternate between two different projectiles depending on if the torch is lit or not; if it's lit, it will fire small fireballs, which set anything they touch on fire much like Blazes. If the torch is not lit, it will instead fire snowballs, which can extinguish friendly illagers.

As angry and unforgiving as the Igniter is, it still cares about its teammates. If an illager is on fire, the Igniter will stop attacking to shoot snowballs at the illager, extinguishing it.

If the Igniter fires too many fireballs too quickly, its dispenser will overheat, and it'll try to run away; this is your chance to attack the Igniter!




This illager carries an explosive temper!


The Twittollager is the angriest, most sleep-deprived of the illagers you'll meet. Illagers have talked about this guy, and they're scared beyond belief to even go near it...

How's this fella fight, you ask? Don't worry, the Twittollager will show you...

Twittollager can be strategized, though. As an illager who has completely lost it, the Twittollager will attack literally anyone who hurts it; if you line them up correctly, you can trick the Twittollager into killing its own teammates!



Weird little critters! Who knows where they came from..?


Crocofangs are odd, mutant creatures seemingly made from Evoker Fangs as a weaker counterpart to the Ravager. Be careful: these critters bite and they do not play nice!
Bite: The Crocofang will run up to you and attempt to bite you! This deals dangerous damage with each bite but if you're quick, it can be dodged!
Charge: Don't make the Crocofang mad, 'cause it's got a killer charge! If you're too far away from the Crocofang, it'll attempt to charge at you; anything caught in this attack will be hit with massive knockback and damage. All is not lost though; if you can trick the Crocofang to charge into a wall or into your shield, it'll take damage and be stunned for a moment, which is your chance for easy damage!



From Illagers and Golems, to grotesque abominations and world-threatening fiends, this brute has seen it all. Not even the many diverse gods scare this illager anymore...


The Absorber is a slow but tanky miniboss of tough muscle. Thanks to its highly tough armor, this illager is not scared of your enchanted, ultra-strong, OP-as-all-heck modded sword, as it only takes 1 damage from any damage source.

However, the Absorber also has no invul-frames! Try and come up with some creative strategies to beat this illager; lava, cacti, sweet berry bushes, suffocation, the options are endless!



This illager just hates its life. Having the worst, most-mockable role of any illager, Preserver gets laughed at every day, not even being able to defend itself...


Preservers are defenseless support illagers that serve to shield other illagers of the raid. When the Preserver sees another illager, it will jump onto them, giving them a layer of hay armor; this hay armor will reduce all damage the illager takes by half!

There's a secret to it though; do you know what beats hay? If you said fire, you're correct; Preserver and preserved illagers will take double damage from fire and burn twice as fast! Toasty!






A crazed illager who's gone mad with power!


The Magispeller is a maniacal copycat of an illager, and is the true final illager you'll fight in a raid. It only spawns on the bonus wave of the hardest raid, where it is the final boss of the raid.

When it spawns, it will first be recovered by a forcefield. Under the forcefield, the Magispeller is immune to all damage, but at the same time cannot attack until it is broken. Once broken by slaying all the illagers in the wave, it will immediately begin attacking. Watch out for its twelve deadly attacks:

Fakers: The Magispeller has the ability to spawn a bunch of clones of itself, then disguise itself as one of them. As a clone, it can also teleport. You must hit the clones until the real Magispeller is found, which will kill any remaining clones. It can only use this attack at half HP!

Crossbow Spin: The Magispeller will jump behind you, before using its crossbow to rapidly fire arrows! These arrows are extremely deadly, but can either be dodged by running, or blocked by either placing blocks or using a shield.

Heal: Randomly while the Magispeller is below full health, it will use its healing ability to regen health. Magispeller's heal can be cancelled by dealing enough damage, but if it manages to get the heal off, it'll heal greatly and get Regeneration 3 for 10 seconds!

Dispenser: The Magispeller can throw dispensers randomly! When thrown, Dispensers will open up and shoot out 5 Illashooters at a time. You must quickly kill the Dispenser, as trying to kill the Illashooters first will just make the Dispenser spawn more!

Fang Run: The Magispeller will wave its arms for a few seconds, before spawning Evoker Fangs! Unlike the Evoker however, the Magispeller will rapidly spawn these fangs; run like crazy to dodge the attack!!!

Summon: Just like the Evoker, the Magispeller has the ability to summon Vexes. When it uses this attack, it will spawn 5 Vexes at a time. These Vexes die a lot quicker than Evoker Vexes though.

Potions: The Magispeller will spin, throwing splash potions of slowness into the air! Also, something to note is that slowness does not affect the Magispeller. Get away from the Magispeller when it uses this attack!

Fireball: Similar to the Igniter, the Magispeller also has the ability to shoot fireballs. However, its fireball is much larger than the Igniter's, but like a Ghast you can hit the fireball back at the Magispeller to deal a bit of bonus damage!

Life Stealing: The Magispeller will spin a couple times, before starting to pull everything in toward it. Getting too close to the Magispeller will cause it to steal some of your HP! Sprint as much as you can to avoid getting sucked in!

Ravager: The Magispeller floats up into the air, before creating an illusion of the Ravager, called the Crashager. The Crashager will roar, before charging at you and exploding! Get out of the way!

Knockback: Magispeller will punch you away with great knockback if you get too close.

Kaboomer: Trying to trap Magispeller? Tough luck, buddy, because Magispeller's Kaboomer will come to play! The Magispeller will spawn a giant Creeper illusion and teleport it right on top of you; you only have a few seconds to run!

When you have all these attacks together, you've got a fight that's going to keep you on your toes! But what is the reward for defeating the Magispeller?

The Totem of Banishment! The Totem of Banishment is a new totem dropped by the Magispeller, which when used will banish any nearby Vexes. Unlike the Totem of Undying, the Totem of Banishment does not disappear after being used once; however, it has a cooldown of 15 seconds once used. Now you can finally deal with those hyper-annoying vexes in raids!



Illagers have many different theories about this one. With all the pure evil in its rituals, this illager just mightn't even have a soul of its own...


The Spiritcaller is a deadly foe of spiritual power. This illager seems to work with souls and rituals, and it won't hesitate to use them to wipe you out...

By default, the Spiritcaller will spawn on the fourth wave of a raid. Like the Magispeller, the Spiritcaller is recovered by a forcefield when it first spawns.

This isn't just your normal bow target though. The Spiritcaller not only takes 50% of damage from all projectiles, but is adept at dodging them! Better have a quiver full of arrows for this enemy!

Attacking the Spiritcaller will start the fight, in which it will take out its book and start a ritual to grant itself power. Watch out for its 5 attacks:

Spirit Steal: The Spiritcaller will grab all nearby mobs, before ripping their souls straight out of their bodies! Soulless mobs are unable to do anything, just standing around completely dead. The Spiritcaller will then use the poor souls against the player, torture for both them and you... Luckily, they don't have that much HP, and go down rather easy. Or, you can kill the soulless mob, which although will reduce the souls to be stolen on the next Spirit Steal, will be absorbed by the Spiritcaller instead, powering it up for the next attack! Choose wisely...

Imps: The Spiritcaller will call for Imps, evil little foes straight from the Nether! It will call for them 3 times, and they can appear in random patterns; getting hit by one will set you on fire! Watch your step!

Spirit Hands: The Spiritcaller will create the illusion of 2 gigantic hands, using them on you! Spirit Hands can pull you upward, slam you into the ground, or try to punch you!

Soul Laser: The Spiritcaller will charge for about 5 seconds, locking onto the player. After the 5 seconds, it will shoot a laser of pure soul energy! Be careful as the laser will hold you down if you're caught! It can be escaped though; right before it blasts its laser, the Spiritcaller will stop locking onto you; run like crazy!

Soul Swarm: An attack that can only be used at half HP, the Spiritcaller will begin calling the souls of the illagers who've valiantly given their lives participating in raids. After doing this, you only have a split second left to start running like crazy, as the souls all charge at you and explode with shrill screeches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After defeating the Spiritcaller, it will become too unstable and explode; when this happens, it'll drop its book, known as the Spellbound Book. By right-clicking with the Spellbound Book, you will corrupt yourself, meaning you can use 2 of the Spiritcaller's abilities! Right-click the ground with empty hand to summon Imps, or attack a mob with empty hand to spawn 3 illager souls to charge at them! Be careful though; the book will go into cooldown for an entire hour, and dying will not reset the cooldown!




A twisted biologist from the depths of the Nether, sure to give you nightmares for days!!!!!


The Freakager is a screwed up boss that enjoys bringing only one thing to life: Abominations you've only seen in your nightmares.

When attacked, the Freakager will pull out a kidnapped Villager and feed them a dark potion, mutating them into its latest and scariest grotesque fiend yet, the Ragno!

Using its Bag of Horrors, Freakager will attack you in a number of ways:

Axes: The Freakager will throw axes at you! If it's at half health, the axes will be thrown much quicker; strafe to avoid them!

Scythe: The Freakager will throw a scythe at you. Be careful; this thing will come back like a boomerang, and if Freakager is at half health it'll chase you for a few seconds before returning!

Bombs: Freakager will laugh, throwing 4 bombs out! Depending on its HP:

  • Pumpkin Bombs: These bombs will hop toward you! After a few seconds, they'll detonate; watch for them!
  • Skull Bombs: Thrown at half HP instead of pumpkin bombs, the Skull Bombs will chitter for a bit before exploding; skull bombs will cluster though, exploding even more!

Dark Potions: You thought Freakager only uses dark potions on its unfortunate mutation victims? Guess what: You're one of Freakager's victims!!!!! Freakager will throw a flurry of dark splash potions out; although you as a player are more resistant to mutation, getting hit by one of these potions will shake you around and damage you!

Trick or Treat: Trick or treat, the Freakager has tons of candy to keep! When below max HP, the Freakager will throw Trick or Treat out; these Trick or Treat will circle the Freakager. Make sure to destroy them quickly, as they will try to heal Freakager back up!

When slain, the Ragno will swallow Freakager's Bag of Horrors. In its now uncontrolled state without Freakager, nothing's holding the Ragno back from going insane on you...

Unlike other bosses, Ragno can block your attacks! If it blocks your damage, none of your damage will go through.

These first 2 attacks can be used while Freakager is still alive:

Leap: Ragno will charge, then leap at you. Doesn't have much of a range, but if you're hit you'll receive a lot of knockback.

Web: Watch out, because Ragno will try to ensnare you with cobweb! If you're hit by web, you'll be nearly immobile for 10 seconds, making you much more susceptible to Freakager and/or Ragno's other attacks...

Burrow: Ragno will burrow deep underground, before popping back out right underneath you! Do I even need to say you should run when it does this?

Charge: Ragno can get pretty angry when uncontrolled; it'll prepare, before charging at you at high speed! Out of the way!!!!!!!!!!

Bag of Horrors: As Ragno has swallowed Freakager's Bag of Horrors, it can randomly cough up one of Freakager's attacks. The attacks behave the same; it can cough up pumpkin bombs or trick or treat.

When Ragno attacks a certain number of times, it'll have tired itself out and need to stop for a moment; this is your chance to deal damage! You'll have to be quick, though; the Ragno gets back up very quickly!

After finally being killed, the villager's soul will leave its Ragno body. Unfortunately, its mental state is already absolutely destroyed; there's no saving this villager. After a quick spook, what's left of the duo is the Bag of Horrors that Ragno had swallowed. With this, you can use one of 3 attacks from Freakager; pumpkin bombs, scythe, or trick or treat! Happy Halloween!




Raiders from this mod aren't spawning, please help!

-This has been an ongoing bug since the start of Illage & Spillage: I&S raiders will not spawn in raids on servers. A fix is yet to be found, unfortunately.

-If you have an idea for a potential fix to this bug, please let me know.


Will you port to (game version/modloader)?
-Yes, ports to newer versions are coming soon. Unfortunately, I've never learned Fabric though, and the codebase changes between updates mean supporting 2 different versions could take way more time for updates to release; one of my main goals is to keep up with the base game's updates, thus backports are *not* a priority to me. I may fix bugs in older versions from time to time, but for the most part no new content will be backported.

When will the update be ready?
-When it's ready. Modding can be painful; I may get stuck fixing a bug somewhere, porting could end up being a huge issue, personal things outside of modding can get in the way, anything could happen that makes specifying release dates impossible.

The game crashed! What do I do?
-Thanks for reporting the crash; it's extremely important that I hear about crashes so that I can fix them in updates. But to help you, I need more information about the crash; most importantly, I need to see the crash report to figure out what happened. Create a new issue about the crash, upload your crash report to a website such as Pastebin, then link to it in your issue.

Can I put this mod in my modpack?
-Absolutely! Though I ask that if you do this, you will give credit by either crediting me for the mod or leaving a link back to the modpage. Same goes for mob battles, mod showcases, etc.


Future Plans

This list will be updated as time goes on. If something is crossed out, it has already been added and released. Names in bold are what is currently planned for the next full release!

A đź’ˇ means the mob was a suggestion.



Twittollager - This illager carries an explosive temper.

Engineer - Can't actually attack on its own; will run around the village, building hostile units to help the Illagers. Can build the Chagrin Sentry, Hinder, and Factory

Sabotager - Can't attack either, but will disable Golems with Sappers (can also sap the units from Tower Defense Units!). Destroy the sappers before they destroy your defense!

đź’ˇCrocofang - Odd mutated Evoker fang which has grown a body. Faster but weaker than Ravagers

đź’ˇBalloonattacker - Flies in a hot air balloon, attacking from above by dropping TNT! You can pop their hot air balloon by shooting it, though

Preserver - Weird illager wrapped in a bale of hay. Will grant other illagers defense buffs by wrapping them in hay, but fire will make quick work of protected illagers!

đź’ˇHydromancer - An illager specialized with the water. Will mainly create waves to knock you off your feet, or geysers to fling you to space!

đź’ˇSnatcher - An illager that can be of both offense and support, the Snatcher will pull enemies toward it with its hook! Can also spawn as an explosive variant, having a little creeper to explode upon pulling its target!

Absorber - A slow but super tanky illager brute of pure strength, wielding a huge mallet. Will only take 1 damage from any damage source, but unlike other mobs it doesn't have invul frames!

đź’ˇPropeller - An illager in a flying machine! Will shoot explosive cannonballs down at its targets, but is relatively easy to shoot down.

Cryoglowager - Tiny little illager driving a bulky fishtank, accompanied by an angry Glow Squid. Has access to ice magic for some reason...

Smokatricker - Tricky little support enemy who loves messing with the player; it'll absorb damage for other illagers by using smoke bombs to teleport!

đź’ˇTrackager - Run-of-the-mill scout who only appears in the first raid wave; this enemy pulls its target toward it before whacking them with a shovel.

đź’ˇCarpenter - A crafty foe, the Carpenter will build walls, use ladders, and drop blocks on its enemies!

Sweeper - A smaller witch-like illager flying on a broom! Will occasionally divebomb the player, but will also throw special, dangerous potions from above!

Shotlighter - Illager which shoots the player with a bow. What's the catch, you ask? EXPLODING ARROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deephate Golem - A poor, scared Deepslate Golem horribly damaged by the Illagers after having been captured. In its beaten-down state, the helpless thing can't even defend itself, only being able to give items to other raiders to aid them... but perhaps there's still hope somewhere within?

đź’ˇGluttoner - A fat miniboss with an insatiable appetite! Don't let the Gluttoner get too big, or this illager may just become unstoppable...

đź’ˇGillager - Aquatic miniboss with control over the Drowned. Can strike lightning, or summon drowned zombie villagers as minions!




Spiritcaller - Flying illager with access to the lost. Will strip other mobs of their souls and use them against you

đź’ˇDevastator - A destructive, prehistoric beast mutated from the Ravager; this ravaging titan must be stopped!

đź’ˇInventor - Hyper advanced Engineer who's known for building Illager mechs.

đź’ˇPyromancer - Flying illager, gifted with the ability of wielding extraordinary fire magic.

đź’ˇRansacker - Blind monster with impressive strength and speed. Can roar, as well as grab and throw chunks of the ground.

đź’ˇFreakager - Spooky illager who loves experimenting with dark potions; its latest work yet is the freaky-looking Ragno, a mutated spider-villager!

Twinsters - 2 relentless, karate-advanced illagers! They take turns attacking, jumping around you and kicking you to heck and back!

Botanologer - A farmer illager who's practically one with its plants; will throw bone meal + seeds and grow plants around you!

đź’ˇSkillager - A non-magic illager specialized with combat; the Skillager will swap between different styles of fighting with weapons. Watch out for its fighting techniques!

đź’ˇMasquerader - A false illager of 7 sinful masks. Each mask has a distinct deadly ability; be careful!

đź’ˇRavdrag (name subject to change) - Gigantic mutated Illager Dragon! This monstrosity will fly around, breathing different types of magic onto its enemies. Occasionally, it'll have to land though, giving an opening for dealing full damage!

đź’ˇSavager (and its Hogager!) - An illager of brutal chaos! The Savager is the head leader to the Hogager Riders, and with its Hogager they help each other with their attacks together!

đź’ˇCaptaineer - Captain of the Pirates, this illager has made friends with many monsters! Watch out for its land-swimming beast mount...

Innovator - The grandmaster of Inventors! Whatever the Inventor does, the Innovator does and better.

Pythoness - Advanced witch boss that uses spirits.


Considering (don't fully expect these to get into the game):

Composer - An illager that can't attack, preferring only to blast musical beats everywhere it goes.

Abductor - Giant Propeller with a bungee illager attached. Will snatch enemies from the ground, bringing them into the machine to beat them half to death!

Puffer - Weird, tiny half-balloon half-illager thing that randomly got recruited one day. Having a literal balloon for a head, this airhead of a raider puffs itself up to massive size to knock enemies away!

đź’ˇChronologer - Mysterious illager with the ability to warp time to its liking. Avoid its time-stopping projectiles or be paused in place!

đź’ˇCoachager - Soccer coach illager! This illager will use flags to send squads of illager team fans after you!

đź’ˇWar Captain - Stronger, more explosive Raid Captain! Will use TNT to shoot itself at you, or a raid horn to draw every other illagers' attention to you!

Voidomancer - An illager of one with the void. Opens black holes and harnesses void magic to confuse the player


Credit where credit's due, I would like to thank TechnoVision and TurtyWurty for their modding tutorials. Without them, this mod wouldn't be possible.

Some credit goes to Dungeons Mobs as well (a bit of code was borrowed and adapted from this mod for the boss randomizer)

Credit to Mowzie's Mobs as well, as some code was borrowed for various instances within the mod (spiritcaller's soul beam, camera shake system, etc).


Special thanks to carlo_andre01 - artist who created the model for Crocofang and Devastator


Sources used:

-Certain sounds obtained from

-Other sounds used come from Half Life 2


Youtube channel: Yellowbross Productions

Join the discord! - For cool updates, mod discussion, or just to chat!


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Have fun!