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Turn your minimap into a hud for farming ore / herb.


Minimap / Nodes / FarmHud

Blizzard has designed the Minimap element as All-in-One (Terrain texture + Nodes).
It could not be separated. It could not be copied. Minimap and FarmHud can't be displayed at the same time.
(It's like the Highlander: There can only be one.)



 ● Gather circle ( color / transparency adjustable )
 ● Direction indicators (cardinal points) ( color / transparency adjustable )
 ● Player coordinations ( color / transparency adjustable )
 ● Minimap button (and broker panel integration) ( optional )
 ● Show minimap terrain texture ( transparency adjustable )
 ● Key bindings
 ● OnScreen buttons ( transparency adjustable )
    ▻ Toggle mouseover mode
    ▻ Toggle background
    ▻ Toggle option panel
    ▻ Close HUD

 ● Tracking options ( new, retail client only )


Option panel

The option panel are available over  Game Menu > Interface > AddOns > FarmHud 
or by chat command  /run FarmHud:ToggleOptions() 



 ● Routes
 ● _NPCScan.Overlay ( outdated )
 ● Bloodhound2 ( outdated )
 ● By library LibHijackMinimap
    ▻ Magneto ( outdated, owner is missing )
 ● By library HereBeDragon
    ▻ TomTom
    ▻ HandyNotes


Addon compatibility

I know it is not a complete list of addons, but you can report addons for the list.
From time to time i will look on updated versions.


Minimap AddOns

 ●  BasicMinimap | Difficulty (v9.0.5 -- Anonymous frames [1])
 ●  bdMinimapUnknown (1.53 -- Is outdated since prepatch)
 ●  Chinchilla Minimap | Okay (v2.10.2)
 ●  Mappy | Unknown (3.8.5 -- Is outdated since prepatch)
 ●  ObeliskMinimap | Okay (upload from 2020-11-02 -- missing numeric versioning)
 ●  SexyMap | Okay (v9.0.8)


UI AddOns

 ● ElvUI | Okay 
 ● GW2_UI | Difficulty (R1.913_Retail -- No Lua errors but could not move some elements to placeholder.)
    ▻ QuestTracker disappears (move out of screen). Calendar and minimap button container moved on screen.


Problems and possible workarounds

[1] Use of anonymous frames makes correct functioning more difficult. Possible workaround: Disable "Show elements" in FarmHud Options.

@Authors of Minimap and UI AddOns

I've added a function to register (anonymous) frames that anchored on Minimap.
Please use it to make smooth cooperation between our AddOns possible.
 FarmHud:RegisterForeignAddOnObject( <frame object>, <addon name> ) 


Bug reports, feature requests and Support



Do you want to help translate this addon?
See Curseforge localization tool


Macro functions

 /run FarmHud:Toggle() 
 /run FarmHud:ToggleMouse() 
 /run FarmHud:ToggleBackground() 
 /run FarmHud:ToggleOptions() 


Our other projects


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