Last Updated: Aug 19, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


May 3, 2011

Owner: hizuro


   Turn your minimap into a hud for farming ore / herb.

   Do you have ideas for useful information...
   You wish that more addons are supported...
   Then let us know!


Minimap vs. HUD?

 It is impossible to display both at the same time.



 ♦ gather circle ( color / transparency adjustable )
 ♦ direction indicators (cardinal points) ( color / transparency adjustable )
 ♦ player coordinations ( color / transparency adjustable )
 ♦ minimap button (and broker panel integration) (optional)
 ♦ show minimap texture ( transparency adjustable )
 ♦ OnScreen buttons ( transparency adjustable )
   ◊ Available buttons:
     - Close HUD
     - Toggle background
     - Toggle mouseover mode
     - Toggle option panel
 ♦ key bindings

Option panel

The option panel are available over  Game Menu > Interface > AddOns > FarmHud 
or by chat command  /run FarmHud:ToggleOptions() 


 ♦ GatherMate2
 ♦ Routes
 ♦ _NPCScan.Overlay Is it outdated?
 ♦ Bloodhound2 outdated
 ♦ By library LibHijackMinimap
   ◊ Magneto
 ♦ By library HereBeDragon
   ◊ TomTom
   ◊ HandyNotes

Minimap Addon compatibility

 ♦ Mostly compatible
   ◊ Chinchilla Minimap
   ◊ SexyMap
 ♦ Incompatible
   ◊ Mappy

Bug reports, feature requests and Support



    Do you want to help translate this addon?

Macro functions

The functions for use in macros has been changed.
 •  /run FarmHud:Toggle()
 •  /run FarmHud:ToggleMouse()
 •  /run FarmHud:ToggleBackground()
 •  /run FarmHud:ToggleOptions()

Our other projects



 • Paypal
 • Patreon
 • Pledgie (No longer available. Site has been closed.)

Info: Comment area on project page is closed

   I think one comment area per addon are enough. Curse offer two and i favor the comment area on the normal addon page. But i want answer the last two users.
Quote from pandameat >>
Your addon doesn't work for me while using ElvUi.
   For all ElvUI users: I've tested it with clean installed ElvUI. Currently i wasn't able to reproduce the problem.
Quote from Kharum >>
Ideas for further development, options to:
1) Auto hide in combat
2) Change the transparency
3) Hide the compass points
4) Change the size/position
5) 3D Perspective
6) Track your recent path
Also just wondering if there are plans for any further updates?
1) Auto hide/close on combat. Interesting idea. maybe in near future...
2) Which elements?
3) compass points (a.k.a. cardinal points) are allready hideable :-)
4-6) currently these points have no or lesser priority for me. sorry.


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