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Mappy Continued

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Mappy Continued


A continuation of Mappy addon for World of Warcraft, originally created by Mundocani.

Since the original addon seems pretty much abandoned and is under a MIT licence, I've decided to fork and maintain it. I love this addon too much to find a new one, so I've fixed it instead!

Please bear in mind that I'm not planning on adding new features nor refactoring the code, at least not now (and yet I already added a few...). I want to maintain the currently implemented features with as little modifications of the original codebase as possible. There will be some dirty hacks, which I might pretty-up later.

I might add some new things if you ask for any, but it's going to be a case-by-case thing. Ask away though!


Mappy-Continued is a minimap addon focused on changing the minimap shape into a sleek square.

Other features include:

  • Resizing of the minimap
  • Option to move the minimap via Edit Mode only
  • Option to move the minimap via addon settings only
  • Automatic stacking of minimap buttons along the minimap OR screen
  • Pretty-ing the stock Calendar, Mail and Tracking buttons to actually look like buttons
  • Zooming in and out with the mouse wheel
  • Alpha settings, separate for combat, movement and default state
  • Profiles (including being able to set a profile for mounting, dungeon etc)
  • Gathering overlay support for Gatherer and GatherMate
  • Compatibility with MinimapButtonBag Reborn
  • Bigger and/or blinking gathering nodes
  • Classic-style dot for gathering nodes
  • Player coordinates

Slash commands

/mappy - Opens options in the Interface window

/mappy help - Shows a list of available commands

/mappy default - Loads the default profile

/mappy save settingsname - Saves the settings under the name settingsname

/mappy load settingsname - Loads the settings

/mappy settingsname - Shorthand version of /mappy load

/mappy ghost - Mouse clicks in the minimap will be passed through to the background

/mappy unghost - Mouse clicks work as usual

/mappy corner TOPLEFT|TOPRIGHT|BOTTOMLEFT|BOTTOMRIGHT - Sets the starting corner for button stacking

/mappy reset - Resets all settings and profiles

/mappy unlock - Unlocks the minimap for dragging

/mappy lock - Locks the minimap, preventing its movement

/mappy reload - Reload Mappy if something doesn't look right (buttons overlapping etc)


Please refer to the Images tab for examples on how the map can look like.