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   This addon is a collection of modules to display various informations ingame about the game, your character, friends, guild and many many more. :)


It is recommended to use this addon with a data broker display addon...
  •  panel-addons: Bazooka, ChocolateBar, DockingStation, NinjaPanel, TitanPanel, FuBar
  •  single-button-addons: Candy, StatBlockCore, Fortress

Broker (Modules)


New guild module (since version 3.12.0)

The rewritten version has different scroll areas for applicant and member tables.
An optional background color highlights the scroll area for each table.
I hope you enjoy it. Feedback would be nice. ;-)


   For Iconsets and Localization
   I have add some php scripts. the script generates the 3 example files for iconset and localization.
   I will try to use the php script in this folder to keep all examples up to date... :)
   ElvUI / TukUI skin support missing?
   Please install/enable the addon AddOnSkins or AddOnSkins Classic.
   It is not a plugin from ElvUI/TukUI, but it is required to help other addons support ElvUI/TukUI skins.

Known bugs

  • GPS/Location/ZoneText: Currently the transport menu has a problem with items that must be equipped before use.

Icon sets support?

    A few years ago i added support for icon sets. My coal was support third party addons to change the icons used by modules from broker_everything.

    An outdated demo can be found here.


Bug reports, feature requests and Support

   Please use the Issues page for bug reports and feature requests.


    Do you want to help translate this addon?


    Thanks to Hungtar for the original Broker_Everything and Ekaterina for futher developing.
    WowInterface and Curse community for an amazing amount of help.


Donation would be nice :-)



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