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This is a simple square minimap, with clickmenu, include a simple object tracker style.

/ekm or /ekminimap open GUI.
/ekm 或 /ekminimap 打開設定界面


1. Square, with 1px border and 5px shadow.

2. Hide minimap elements: hide timer/location//buttons etc.

3. Temporary function: for for people wanna track something recently

- Alt + drag to move minimap

- Alt + scroll to scale map frame size

- They will not be saved to settgins.

4. Indicator icon:

- Expansion button: fade in when mouseover, with tooltip show exp/honor/rep, leftclick show details, rightclick show addon compartment. enable tooltip show will also disable blizzard exp/honor bar.

- New mail

- LFG queue

- Difficulty flag: a simple style with class color background

5. Clickmenu: click minimap to open menu

- Right click for micro menu, with zone map and calendar.

- Middle click for tracking.

6. Eject passenger from right click menu

7. Objective tracker:

- A simple style with font outline.

- Class color on quest title.



  • NO heavy edit options. if you really need more, try use other, much better then EKMinimap.
  • If you are using object tracker addon, remember disable object tracker frame styled in config.lua to avoid conflict.

HopeASD, Ooglogput, Chiril, ape47, sakaras, Siweia, Paopao.

Git: EKMinimap ,also alpha version here

I won't implement new features I personally not use or need. I'm not good at lua.

You can use English / Traditional Chinese (正體中文) / Simplified Chinese (简体中文) when feedback.