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Wrath of the Lich King and Classic! 


Now resizable with an interface panel slider!



  • Makes the minimap square.
  • Removes all minimap art.
  • Makes the minimap resize-able and able to save the user's size.

Dejaminimap Header on top:

Dejaminimap Header on bottom:


  • Install to your addon directory and login to WoW. There are no preferences. If you wish to move frames or buttons to your liking or otherwise change things around then you will have to edit the lua file.
  • Mousewheel over the minimap to zoom in or out.
  • Move the minimap by unlocking it in the default UI's Edit Mode.
  • Click on the clock to open the timer.
  • Click on the Tracking Icon to the left of the Zone Name bar to use the tracking function.
  • Click on the Zone Name bar to open the world map.
  • Click on the Number Icon to right of the Zone Name bar to open the calendar.
  • Scale the minimap by moving the slider on the default UI Edit Mode options panel.

Dejaminimap Options:

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