184 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 18, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

UndeadCraft is a modpack that brings a zombie survival hardcore experience. Zombies are faster, they can spawn during day time and can track you down! they also have new animation thanks to the Mo Bend's mo, I recommend to try it out with audio craft and Tissou resource pack

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/rjA53Vp


Limited stamina:
be careful not get tired when you are chased down by zombies

Cold, heat, and thirst:

Doesn't matter whenever you have full equipment, with guns, ammo, a base, if you don't have water or some clothing to keep you warm/fresh, you might still die! 
Temperature lowers if you take a bath in water during the night, the temperature rises up whenever you stand in a desert zone or close to a nether portal


Nether invasion:

Multiple nether portals have appeared! and they are corrupting the lands. Mobs from the nether are spawning in the overworld, and there is nothing you can do to stop them!



Natural disasters:

Whenever you are farming for ores or exploring the map, there is a chance that an earthquake, a sinkhole or even a volcano would spawn, these are not common, but may happen when you less expect!


A giant city to explore & more:

The world generates abandoned city, which you can explore to find some useful items inside random chest, but be careful, there are many enemies lurking in the darkness


Weapon crate around the world:

You can't survive a zombie apocalypse without some guns, that's why you are able to craft machine guns, assault rifles, pistol and so on. But there is another way to obtain guns, just by looking at random chests that can be found inside a survivor house or airdrops, you may even find a military bunker! Most of the weapons inside the city have been cleared the moment the infection spread, so you may have better luck looking outside the city


And much more! This modpack will turn Minecraft into a survival hardcore horror experience, which you probably will die a lot the first time you will play!!

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