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Better MC [FORGE] - BMC3



✔️ Completely Overhauled World Generation (Oh The Biomes You'll GoGeophilic, Ecologics)     
✔️ Over 100 Quests
✔️ Fully Optimized with Shader Support
✔️ 4 New Dimensions
✔️ New Bosses and Mobs (Alex's Mobs, Cataclysm, Naturalist)

✔️ Rideable Dragons (Dragon Mounts: Legacy)
✔️ Hundreds of NEW Dungeons & Structures (When Dungeons Arise, Explorify, Repurposed Structures)
✔️ Thousands of Building Blocks
✔️ Customized for Stability and Compatibility
✔️ QoL Features such as Waystones and XP Tomes
✔️ Xaero's Minimap with Additional Features
✔️ 250+ Mods