Death Finder

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You died somewhere far out in the wild or a friend is calling for your help to collect their lost stuff, but you don't know where exactly?

Despair no more! This mod offers you the coordinates for every death in multiple ways so you know exactly where it occurred. Also includes a way for quickly teleporting to the death point, even across dimensions!


Everything in this mod is highly customisable via the config file. It's even possible to disable the /tpx command in favour of a similar one added by other mods.


Coordinates of the death point are added to every death message. This includes the dimension the entity died in as well as the current distance to the recipient of this message.

The coordinate part of the message is clickable which will enter a command into chat for quickly teleporting to the death point for recovering lost inventory items. Teleporting to the death point uses a custom /tpx command for teleporting across dimensions and will of course only work with the appropriate permission level.

Death coordinates are also added to the death screen.


A death message is shown whenever a named entity dies.


This command has been removed from the mod in Minecraft 1.14 as the vanilla /tp command is now perfectly capable of inter-dimensional teleports.

A custom command for teleporting across dimensions is added. The default alias is /tpx although this can be altered.

/tpx [target entity] <destination entity> OR /tpx [target entity] <x> <y> <z> [dimension] [<yaw> <pitch>]

The syntax is very similar to the normal /tp command, with the obvious difference of /tpx supporting a dimension parameter.


In case you're looking for a less cheaty way to locate your death point check our DeathMaps by UpcraftLP or Death Compass by vadis365.

For this mod to fully function it needs to be installed on both the client and server.


This mod is available in the public domain. Do whatever you want, use it wherever you want. The source code can be found on Github.


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